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Approach for local construction of each municipality

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For local construction, realization of creative revival

 Many municipalities suffer by Kumamoto earthquake, but various approaches that we made use of private business person, the cause of inventive idea by cooperation such as local town development groups, local characteristic in including the municipalities in the prefecture begin in various places throughout the prefecture to connect with creative revival of the whole Kumamoto without stopping flow of past local construction.

 We will introduce approach of each municipality clogged up with hint of local construction at any time from now on. Check it out!


Introduction <the second> of approach

H29.1.30 Exhibition

 Yatsushiro-shi                                                      Population: 126,842 (as of the H28.9 end of the month)

 Utilize local resources such as sightseeing and meal, traditional culture, and establish "DMO Yatsushiro" to be developed by sightseeing product promotion business that it was to area and one, and of traditional culture resources polish, and work on export promotion to Hong Kong and Taiwan of agriculture and forestry products such as advance and inbound business, Banpeiyu, and promote activation of expansion and regional economy of number of visitors/exchange population.
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 (1) Yatsushiro-shi folk cultural assets preservation federation          Chairperson Seiji Maki
 (2) AEON RETAIL Co., Ltd. food artisan group Kyushu, Okinawa area charge Junya Nakano

  Myouken  Banpeiyu
  Country-designated important formlessness    The world's largest citrus fruits

  Race cultural assets          Banpeiyu

  Myouken, Yatsushiro festival


Gyokuto-machi                                               Population: 5,422 (as of the H28.9 end of the month) 

 To integral maintenance around JR Konoha Station, establish "town development company" (provisionally) running product facility, and build the supply system of products, and is effective to hook in plum "honey Rosa" to boast of the number one in Japan amount of production to; disseminate information, and "is popular", and promote the making of product. 
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 (1) Gyokuto-machi business and industry society      Chairperson Yuichi Hirai
 (2) It is member of advertising corps Eiji Honda in the gyokutou state of things

  It is advertising corps in the ball east state of things  Honey Rosa    

  It is honey Rosa in the gyokutou state of things

   Advertising corps


 Nankan-machi                                                                                                             Population: 10,165 (as of the H28.9 end of the month)

 We collect cargo with products such as farm products or special product (traditional craft "small firing" country-designated "we put up south Seki" "south Seki somen") to sell in one place, and one stop of order, processing, packing, shipment plans cost reduction by making and works on product development and market expansion in addition and promotes activation of area industry.

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 (1) South Seki oldness and cheering party operating officer secretary general Masao Nakamura 
 (2) South Seki oldness and cheering party plan business Ryoichi Murakami

  Product development study session  The south Seki oldness and cheering party regular service
  Product development study session      The south Seki oldness and cheering party

            Regular service


 Hikawa-cho                                                                                           Population: 12,376 (as of the H28.9 end of the month)

 By devising emigration domiciliation promotion program utilizing long-term stay type experience business and empty house utilizing agriculture and tourist attractions, central shopping street, and carrying out, connect with smooth emigration domiciliation.
 In addition, in the emigration domiciliation events held in metropolis, we publicize monitor tours for metropolis residents and promote emigration domiciliation.
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 Hikawa town development promotion society Hikawa-cho tourism business coordinator Tomomi Jinno

  Pear picking experience  Tourism (we cut rice)
We promote emigration domiciliation through pear picking or rice hunting


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