We make "houses of all" to make together (Minamiaso-mura positive no hill temporary construction housing complex)

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House (meeting place) of all of Minamiaso-mura positive no hill

(★ appearance) Positive no hill photograph 01 credit © Yosuke Harigane (★ introspectiveness 2) positive no hill photograph 04 credit © Kyoko Omori

                       PHOTO/ Yosuke Harigane                       PHOTO/ Kyoko Omori

Building summary

As for the discussion meeting, inhabitants were positive, and laughter did not die out. We entrusted possibility of temporary community to simple act "that we ate" that became topic in the workshop many times.

We heard that we wanted to just bring back cooking class which went in this area and fixed once around "big kitchen". In addition, we made "big porch" which everybody gathered, and could eat. Even if it rains in the porch, it is usable without key freely anytime and plays an active part as place to stay of mothers to mope with amusement place of children and small child in small house.

Around big kitchen, we cook rice and eat on large porch.

It became "house of all" of usual times errand supported by simple act.


Architect profile

05 Komori | Positive no hill

Koichi Komori (falling forest Koichi)

Koichi Komori architecture drawing office is representative as of Meiji Univ. theory engineering graduate course master's course completion/in Fukuoka-born/1998 in 1972


Photo courtesy: Koichi Komori architecture drawing office


Building data

House (meeting place) of all of facility name Minamiaso-mura positive no hill
Location 4545, Kawayo, Minamiaso-mura, Aso-gun
Construction period 2016.11-2016.12
Design Koichi Komori/Koichi Komori architecture drawing office
Structure design Kenichiro Takashima /Atelier742

Construction ever field
Structure wooden construction
Number of floors one-storied house
67 square meters of building area
A total of 34 square meters in area

Cooperation Kimura equipment design office, KASEI project, material offer/(lighting) ENDO Lighting Corporation, (air conditioner) Asahi Dengyo, (glass) Ideta business, (paint) osumo & ederu, (hygiene apparatus) TOTO Kyushu sale, (gutter) TANITA CORPORATION housingware


  •  "House of all" to make together in Minamiaso-mura positive no hill temporary construction housing complex is completion! (December 18, 2016)

We make completion event with ... residents! We celebrate with prepared rice cake and Mt. Aso five drum grandly together! ...


"House of all" which reflected opinion of various places entered temporary housing complex in positive no hill temporary construction housing complex of Minamiaso-mura on December 18 was completed, and event to celebrate completion with residents was held.


03_ completion
Photo courtesy: Kyoko Omori

KASEI (Kyushu University, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Fukuoka University) makes arrangements with residents, and contents of this completion event are decided! KASEI set up arrangement, venue of everybody and tool of resident with Koichi Komori who designed preparations for event from the day before, and it was right completion event of "house of all" to make together.


03_ completion

On the day of the completion event, KASEI swells in preparation for mochi pounding with residents very much in "house of all" from morning. Preparations advance while we hear the laughter.

Meeting with rice cake which KASEI hosted at 11:00 a.m., the making of furniture of kumishuju (kudeju) started, and completion event began.

At meeting with rice cake with residents "oops-a-daisy! We make rice cake and hear the laughter of children oops-a-daisy. It was cooked zoni yazenzaini by mothers and had rice cake which we pounded deliciously together!


03_ completion 03_ completion
03_ completion 03_ completion


We start completion ceremony at 1:00 p.m. in open space in front of finished "house of all"!
Many participants gathered in "house of all" and, in lively atmosphere, celebrated completion in everybodies.


03_ completion 03_ completion

In the first half of expression, history of Kawano Katsura of higashikaidaihoshikakerikokoshodobu which wrote nameplate of finished "house of all" says hello saying "we turn and wrote to revival of residents in the future as hard as possible!". In grand applause, nameplate was installed.


03_ completion

Performance of Mt. Aso five drum that was folk art of Minamiaso-mura by staff of local Minamiaso-mura office began successively. In venue "Don! Don! Don and drumbeat sound and enliven ceremony.


03_ completion 03_ completion

We enjoyed "mochi pounding of celebration" with residents in the latter half of expression.
The first batter making rice cake is Komori of designer. Mothers of rice cake who had you prepare participate successively. Of Fukuda of KASEI Kyushu University in charge of host "oops-a-daisy! Flatter; of, with shout, made rice cake of celebration.
KUMAMON participates on the way, too, and is smile and the laughter from residents; of great upsurge-type.


03_ completion 03_ completion

In "the house of all" of finished positive no hill, big island kitchen and porch characterize in concept in "eating" and "we can gather without key" this time. Residents is used as conversing with, place gathering casually, and talks for the community formation and revival are done and will expect what is utilized very much in future.

03_ completion
Photo courtesy: Kyoko Omori



03_ completion


  • In "all thes" to make together in Minamiaso-mura positive no hill temporary construction housing complex discussion meeting (the second)! (October 26, 2016)

... which held discussion meeting (the second) in ... Minamiaso-mura positive no hill temporary construction housing complex


Following discussion meeting of September 30, we held the second discussion meeting about "house of all" in Minamiaso-mura positive no hill temporary construction housing complex.

We asked about opinion and request for design plan from residents some other time after Koichi Komori (Koichi Komori architecture drawing office (Fukuoka)) was model or drawing, and design plan that reflected opinion that we had in the last discussion meeting was explained in the first half.


02_ opinion 02_ opinion


We have the big outside space, and characteristic of this "house of all" is point with deck space where residents can gather outdoors.
In the last discussion meeting, this suggestion had favorable reception from residents very much, but, based on opinion of resident, indoor use and exterior setting were suggested to addition, restroom of tatami mat space, and residents was state of large satisfaction more this time.

02_ opinion

In the latter half, we were made up mainly of student of Kyushu University, Fukuoka University of KASEI which performed living environment maintenance of positive no hill temporary construction housing complex and Kyushu Institute of Technology and talked with residents about approach utilized construction process of "house of all".
As "there is not green, we want to make flower bed in housing complex!" "Let's make rice cake at the time of completion of house of all!" Some says, "we want to make shelf and shoebox with pattern practice with a partner!" (wood) and wants to expect for approach of KASEI in future.


02_ opinion 02_ opinion


"Family of all" finally subscribes design of the last plan.
Some says that we wait impatiently for completion in year from residents and pushes forward the last adjustment because Komori of designer meets voice of everybody. Please expect.



  • It is discussion meeting in "house of all" to make together in Minamiaso-mura positive no hill temporary construction housing complex! (September 30, 2016)

... which held discussion meeting (the first) in ... Minamiaso-mura positive no hill temporary construction housing complex


While designer exchanged opinions with residents of temporary housing, the making of house of all original which we designed which took in opinion of everybody started in positive no hill temporary construction housing complex.


01_ opinion 01_ opinion

Designer of "house of all" of positive no hill temporary construction housing complex, please be in charge to Koichi Komori (Koichi Komori architecture drawing office (Fukuoka)).
Based in Kitakyusyu, it is worked on wide design including house, elderly person facility, temple, nursery school and hospital so far, and Komori has enough results.
In addition, by approach to utilize Yahata civic center again, he/she participates in local social action positively, and utilization method that citizen understands is explored.

It was challenged Kumamoto art police (tentative name) Kumamoto synthesis disaster prevention aviation center designer choice proposal and was designed under the theme of environment, and fine work was won last year.

In discussion meeting which we held on September 30, "house of all" which had opening-like outdoor space was suggested and heard opinion about function and usage there to demand from "house of all" to make newly from various places of resident while using big model.


01_ opinion

There was opinion that there was much which "we did Chankonabe party and barbecue if completed, and let's celebrate!", and, from residents, which "children can gather as the space could use porch with big eaves without key" was popular at all with suggestion of Komori.


In addition, we had you participate in improvement of living environment in temporary housing complex, Kyushu University which was KASEI member who had you work on improvement, teacher and students of Fukuoka University this time and had you heard opinion and gather up.


01_ opinion

In the second discussion meeting, we reflect opinion that we had and are going to present "house of all" which snuggled up to residents more. Please expect!


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