Basic policy and summary of 2020 (Raiwa 2) educational training

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Educational training basic policy

School mottos of Fire Fighters' Academy

Three school mottos of Fire Fighters' Academy

 Fire Fighters' Academy education lets you recognize duty of firefighting definitely pursuant to the provision of school mottos for staff of fire station, member of firefighting team and plans knowledge necessary to accomplish the responsibilities, the acquisition of technique and cultivates physical strength, training of willpower and rich human nature and maintains rules and solidarity and does that we bring up firefighting person that can meet trust of local resident with basic policy.


Summary of educational training of 2020 (Raiwa 2) 

Natural disasters such as typhoon and torrential rain, earthquake accompanied with recent climate changes show a tendency toward complicated diversification that they have not experienced in the past and upsizing. Moreover, there is concern about fear that great human material damage occurs by terrorism or NBCR in the international situation that large-scale accident and fire or strain continues.
 Strong earthquakes more than a seismic intensity of 5 such as earthquake or Yamagata offing earthquake in conjunction with Hokkaido Iburi eastern part earthquake occurred in each place in such inside, 2019. In addition, we had rain by generated torrential rain under the influence of seasonal rain front and low pressure very much in North Kyushu district around West Japan from the end of June as far as it was wide, and typhoon No.15 of power that larger, was strong and 19 attacked the Japanese Islands, and serious natural disaster with dead person occurred around East Japan as far as it was wide.
 On the other hand, in July, 2019, fire of 69 human damage (36 dead people, serious case seven, medium grade symptom six, slight illness 20) occurs by arson in Kyoto-shi, and train and collision of large truck that majority sickness and wound that large-scale fire occurs in the ruins of Shuri-jo Castle of Naha-shi, Okinawa of world heritage in October, and it is 31 casualties (one death, medium grade symptom five, slight illness 25) in Yokohama-shi in human disaster a lot of occurrence, September occurred are new in memory.
  We decide to perform educational training as follows in 2020 to plan knowledge of staff of firefighting, member and technical improvement in order to meet expectation of citizen of the prefecture because interest in security, relief of citizens of the prefecture is very high, and expectation for staff of firefighting and member grows very big in this prefecture which experienced Kumamoto earthquake.
  At first, moreover, prevention of service rules and disgraceful affair as staff of firefighting, safety management in the disaster spot, critical incident stress measures or mental health care, harassment measures place national qualification such as the tertiary specially wireless skill people that is essential to practical course training for there to be the spot activity as adaptable fighting potential, firefighting duties as important problem, and they perform educational training while following "standard of educational training of Fire Fighters' Academy" about the first designation department of the first designation education that person of entering more than 2019 is anticipated, and considering 800-hour standard that country shows.
Then, we let you acquire high expertise, skill that can cope with disaster at the time of events such as the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics and large-scale disaster and to diversify complicatedly with past example in mind while planning uplift of safety management and crisis management awareness about specialized course education of staff of fire station, executive education and special education and perform educational training raising anti-stress in the disaster spot for staff of young person that there is little experience of the disaster spot. In addition, we educate for knowledge as staff of fire station executive and subordinate instruction, improvement in management capability to executive. Moreover, based on prefectural firefighting how to handle meeting and national firefighting how to handle meeting, we perform the training to plan knowledge about how to handle instruction, the examination point and technical improvement.
 In addition, we carry out engine department of specialized course education twice and do executive education for two days (2 days and 1 night) with education schedule by 2 patterns on "Saturday, Sunday" on "Friday, Saturday" and carry out conduct executive department spot conduct course and branch office conduct course for each four times and perform more practical educational training for the rescue operation equipments handling in conjunction with lifesaving and disaster spot activity for the purpose of damage reduction, emergency lifesaving measures when large scale disaster occurred and we lay emphasis on cooperation such as the fire gyo-proof systems and, about member of firefighting team education becoming the pivot of local disaster prevention, train fundamental education course of basic education once on 1st (get and back in a day). In addition, we carry out instructor department of two days (2 days and 1 night) under the cosponsorship with association of prefectural firefighting by education once in particular.
 By other education, we say with contents planning enhancement reinforcement of area disaster prevention measures with the goal of knowledge that coped in the times including upbringing instruction of self-defense fire brigade and fire prevention club and technical acquisition and self-act, mutual assistance, Kosuke.




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