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With high standard highway

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 High standard highway is motorway of extension about 14,000km to form nationwide car transportation network.
 Based on Road Council report of June 26, 1987, the Minister of Construction (in those days) decided high standard highway network plan of about 14,000km on June 30, the same year. In addition, we are placed as follows to promote "Transportation and communication Network plan" in "the fourth whole country overall development plan" (June 30, 1987 cabinet decision).
 "We form at about 14,000km to aim for the nationwide spread of high-speed transportation service, notification reinforcement between main bases about high standard highway network constituting nationwide car transportation network, and to make possible the use from the district center, the core city, nucleus of local development and local city where it is and the outskirts area in around one hour."

[maintenance system]

 In high standard highway, there is driveway of the public national highway where the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism pushes forward maintenance based on country development main line Expressway (national highway) and designation of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport that expressway and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism push forward maintenance based on country development main line car construction law.
 In addition, from 2003, "the new direct control method" to arrange by country and local burden of expenses (district bears a quarter with three-fourths of operating cost basically country) is introduced. Maintenance is pushed forward now in 34 sections (822km) of the whole country by the method.
 Three high standard highways of "Kyushu crossing motor vehicles roads Nobeoka Line" (under an alias: Kyushu Chuo Expressway) and "Minamikyushu Nishimawari Expressway" are in Kumamoto "Kyushu traversing motor vehicles roads" as we show in the next system figure.

(as of March, 2013)

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Department of Civil Engineering Road Construction Division
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