Minamikyushu Nishimawari Expressway

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  • Minamikyushu Nishimawari Expressway forms broad-based high-speed traffic network with Kyushu traversing motor vehicles roads and Higashi Kyushu Expressway and is high standard highway contributing to integral floatage of Kyushu.
  • In "happiness actual feeling Kumamoto four years strategy" that is basic policy of prefectural government, we place as measure to work on chiefly as highway network keeping maintenance promotion of these motor vehicles roads with various places throughout Kyushu.
  • In whole extension about 140km (Yatsushiro-shi - Kagoshima), the prefecture extension is about 50km.
  • Country was driven by business, but, as for the Yatsushiro junction - Hinagu Interchange, it was enforced merger in sections that we had already offered open by country and Japan Highway Public Corporation (in those days).

[the current situation pertaining to Kumamoto]

○Yatsushiro Hinagu road (extension 12.0km): It has been offered open (2 provisional traffic lanes)

○Hinagu Ashikita road (extension 16.8km): It has been offered open (2 provisional traffic lanes)

  • Hinagu IC - Taura IC (extension 8.8km): H17 two a year 27 days a month service (2 provisional traffic lanes) free of charge

  • Taura IC - Ashikita IC (extension 8.0km): H21 four a year 29 days a month service (2 provisional traffic lanes) free of charge

○Izumi, Ashikita road (we defeat extension about 29.6km prefecture extension about 21.8km): Under business

  • Ashikita - Tsunagi interval (extension 7.7km): During the site purchase and construction, service is due to begin 2015

  • Tsunagi - Minamata interval (extension 5.6km): Under the site purchase and construction

  • Minamata - prefectural border interval (extension about 8.5km) :We are carrying out designs

(current situation] pertaining to [Kumamoto: as of March, 2013)

[main maintenance effects pertaining to Kumamoto]

Securing of substitute way at the time of disaster

  • It is the sole aorta in this area, and, in Route 3 of the existing way in this prefecture, frequent occurrence of isolation has a serious influence on society economic activities.
  • This line becomes base of local security, relief at the time of disaster as substitute way or emergency transportation road. (in Yunoura, Ashikita-machi, Route 3 is closed to traffic for twice of July, 2011 and August, submergence caused by heavy rain at one time.)

Promotion of Minamata, Ashikita area

  • In solution to Minamata disease, it is necessary that "relief of Minamata disease victim" and "reproduction, promotion of Minamata, Ashikita area prostrate under the influence of Minamata disease" become important pair.
  • Toward prostrate local reproduction, promotion (* 1), maintenance is essential in early stage of this line becoming base.
 (* 1) Promotion of Minamata, Ashikita area as Minamata disease measures is considered to be urgent problem in "the cabinet agreement" of June, 1978. In addition, by "cabinet meeting agreement about Minamata disease" of June, 1997, maintenance promotion of this line is specified for this local promotion.

Other effects

  • Economic activation of Minamikyushu west coast area
  • Traffic jam of Route 3 is mild    Others

[figure of maintenance summary]

(as of March, 2013)

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Department of Civil Engineering Road Construction Division
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Fax: 096-384-6121
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