Black kite length! We started recruitment of students of studying abroad JAPAN "area human resources course" (late 2017 (seventh)) (the end of ※ offer)

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... black kite length! About offer of studying abroad JAPAN representative from Japan program (the seventh) "area human resources course" ... 

In this prefecture, black kite is more vertical than Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on March 10, 2015! We receive adoption of conduct area of studying abroad JAPAN representative from Japan program "area human resources course" and aim at upbringing of global personnel which local, came from 2015 and support study abroad such as university students in the prefecture for resources for donations from the prefecture company.

We arrive and utilize this system and carry out practical study abroad and internship in local company and recruit students hoping for future Kumamoto developing as follows.


About summary of "local human resources course" of this prefecture (global personnel training business "connecting Kumamoto and the world")

 1. Summary of area human resources course

 Aiming at all the countries of the world including Asian countries and promotion, reinforcement of connection with Kumamoto, we support improvement of international competitiveness by new industrial creation and market reclamation, studying abroad program that, moreover, put practice type study abroad for the purpose of further promotion and expansion of international exchange and internship in hometown company together.


 2. Studying abroad program to support

  (1)Kumamoto and "business matching project" to connect Shanghai

  (2)Kumamoto and "tourist increase project" to connect China

  (3)Kumamoto and "Kumamoto quality goods market expansion project" to connect Malaysia

  (4)Kumamoto and "tourist increase project" to connect Korea

  (5)Kumamoto and "exchange promotion project" to connect Taiwan, Takao City

  (6)Kumamoto and "Kumamoto quality goods market reclamation project" to connect Hong Kong

    (7)Kumamoto and "exchange promotion project" to connect Europe and America

  (8)Project of student original to connect with improvement of international competitiveness by new industrial creation and market reclamation, further promotion and expansion of international exchange


 3. Support contents

  Monthly basis scholarship (120,000-160,000 yen), a part of the round-trip travel costs (100,000-200,000 yen), the amount of tuition equivalency (300,000-600,000 yen)


 4. Target student

  In universities of this prefecture which finds a job in companies of Kumamoto, and carries central role of medium-and-long term revival from Kumamoto earthquake, and hopes for contributing to development of future Kumamoto

 Registered student and student who is from this prefecture, and is registered at universities except this prefecture


 5. Offer period (※ offer was finished)

  From Friday, March 17, 2017 to Friday, April 28, 2017 

  ※Because there is return day for each being on the register roll universities, please confirm in being on the register roll universities 


  ※For more details, please confirm by the following offer essential point


Offer essential point and submission documents

  Along the following, offer essential point, you make studying abroad plan, and please submit to being on the register roll universities


Offer poster

   ● PDF 2017 poster With new window(PDF: 396.7 kilobytes)
<reference> "Black kite length! What is studying abroad JAPAN?

Logo mark

 For the purpose of will and all capable Japanese young people breeding feeling to step forward to one step for study abroad by oneself, "it is black kite length studying abroad promotion campaign in Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology from October, 2013! Studying abroad JAPAN is started and, as well as the government, aims at upbringing in global personnel which can play an active part in the world in society total cost by support from various places and private enterprise played an active part in each field or contribution in the future.

 As one of the approaches "public-private collaboration study abroad support system - black kite is vertical! Studying abroad JAPAN representative from Japan program ... started in 2014. ※For more information, look here. With new window(external link)


Company which had you approve support company (at end of February, 2017) publication

○Support company at first of the sky

 Ideta business, smile, Chemo-Sero-Therapeutic Res. Inst., Kyushu Industrial Transportation Holdings, Kumamoto Bank,Ltd., Kumamoto newly Hotel Nikko Kumamoto, Kumamoto flour milling in century, Kumamoto first credit bank, Kumamoto Nihon Shimbun, Kumamoto Broadcasting, gathering Holdings, again in spring hall laboratory, *iseigi, SYSKEN, Tsuruya Department Store, Kumamoto Telecasting, Middle Kyushu KUBOTA, Higo Bank,Ltd., Hirai Co.,Ltd., HIRATA

○Other support companies

 It is creation school, RAYMAYFUJII in meeting, the educational foundation future in Iwanaga Gumi, kyushusankoun*, Kumamoto driving school, Kumamoto oil, Kumamoto electric railway, Kosugi real estate, Sears home, cedar apiculture garden, Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. Japan national policy for the rise of Asia Kumamoto Branch, medical corporation Sugimura society, Nishijima Corporation, Nishida Tekko, New Sky Hotel, the Nomura Securities Co.,Ltd. Kumamoto branch, how D, Hayashida public accounting firm, manure Bank card, manure Bank Computer Services, manure Bank lease, Hinomaru, the general incorporated foundation future


Application for contribution

 The system is such that this business is managed by donation from all of company or the groups. We have you approve of purpose by all means, and I would like cooperation.

 When you can have contribution, you mail the requirements to donation contribution plan after entry, and please submit to Planning Division by FAX, either method of email.

[contribution amount of money] Small 10,000 yen (more than a mouthful, we accept even several shares.)

    Mail    Going to 〒 862-8570 (endorsement of address is unnecessary) Kumamoto Department of Planning and Development Planning Division
    FAX    096-382-4066
    Email       kikaku@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp

○Payment of donation

 After the receipt of application, we will mail the delivery office action from Planning Division.

 Please pay whether you have transfer in the handling financial institution described in the delivery office action in ATM, Internet banking supporting Pay-easy (page). (it does not cost fee.)

 ※The handling financial institution out of Kumamoto becomes Mizuho Bank, Higo Bank, Kumamoto Bank.

○Sending of receipt of donations certificate

 After confirming payment of donation, we will mail "receipt of donations certificate" from Planning Division.

 Please use in reduction procedure for tax by final income tax returns.

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