We introduce foot Pasco's in the prefecture in a mass! We opened ramburingu information site!

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We open ramburingu information site!

  In site planning interchange with city and farm village, "oldness and support netto", we establish database which settled ramburingu information in the prefecture. In late years we collected and placed course information mainly on foot pass (way which we can walk while enjoying scenery and nature, culture of plain Noyama fishing village) which showed upsurge.



1 exhibition date and time: Friday, March 17 12:00 (plan)
2 addresses: http://furusato.pref.kumamoto.jp/ With new window(external link)
3 contents:

 (1)Publication course (at March 17, 2017)
  71 foot Pasco's courses
  9 courses of courses of walking event
 (2)Publication contents
  In distance and the time required, we publish the fingers with start tsunami observation site, summary, reference, map. 



 ramburingu is "stroll" to walk while enjoying plain daily life local than walking thing.
 By walking while enjoying old plain scenery in area, with foot pass, the forest and countryside, old cityscape began in the U.K. We can touch local plain nature and history, culture, and approach is pushed forward in each place to lead to health promotion.

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