We devised Kumamoto community medicine plan

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 The medical offer system of this prefecture is "treasure" which you should be proud of which health care service to lead other prefectures without interruption has been offered to.
 However, will add to task facing called restoration, revival from Kumamoto earthquake in 2016 in future, 2025 (Heisei 37)
We cope with change, increase of sudden medical care, care needs by reaching aged society where the baby boom generation becomes 75 years or older in this
There is ku need.
 Quality that accepted state of patient based on such a problem in the prefecture even if health resource such as human resources or facility was the limited inside
To build the system which can provide effectively by the local person concerned cooperating by high medical care of this, is the basis in regulations of medical law
To discussion, affiliate and the municipalities in review meeting composed of zuki, medical care, care affiliate, medical institution, representative of the municipalities
After hearing, opinion offer (public comment) from citizens of the prefecture pertaining to prefectural government and question, reply to Medical Service Council,
We devised "Kumamoto community medicine plan".

1 Kumamoto community medicine plan

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