About maintenance of disaster public housing

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      We publish the maintenance situation of disaster public housing.

About the maintenance situation of disaster public housing (maintain all on March 31, 2020, and is completed)

[the number of disaster public housing maintenance]
 The number of the maintenance of the prefectural whole is 12 municipality, 68 housing complexes, 1,715
[housing complex finished in March, 2020]
 20 Uki-shi Heta, Ono revival houses
 20 Ozato, Aso-shi housing complexes
 27 Ozu-machi townsman ground housing complexes
 78 Hirosaki, Mashiki-machi second housing complexes
     12 Hirosaki fourth housing complexes
     108 Mamizu housing complexes
     93 Yasunaga housing complexes
     120 Kiyama lower crossroads housing complexes
     40 housing complexes second after city no
     28 Shimada housing complexes

     546 10 housing complexes in total

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※Please contact us for your detailed inquiries about disaster public housing to each following municipalities department in charge.

[each municipalities reference]

The municipalities

Section, person in charge

Phone number


Municipal Housing Division 



Person in charge of city Maintenance Division architecture house 



Person in charge of city Maintenance Division house 



Person in charge of living environment section house 



Construction section 



Person in charge of inhabitants section house 



General Administration Division 



Revival promotion section 



 Revival section



 Construction section



Government Housing Division 



 Person in charge of construction section house








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Department of Civil Engineering Housing Division plan group
Telephone: 096-333-2547
(ID: 19145)
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