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About road clean volunteer

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Department of Civil Engineering Road Maintenance Division 
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Under recruitment of Kumamoto road clean volunteers!
 In Kumamoto, we carry out road clean volunteer business for the purpose of support of volunteer activity such as cleaning on road and recruit which can conclude agreement to be concerned with the prefecture and volunteer.
 It is weeding, the garbage picking and sidewalk performing planting at flower bed now or various places that we are thinking about to perform now, and even anyone can propose offer object for 100m or more regardless of individual and group on road which Kumamoto manages.
 Support contents to volunteer perform rental of cleaning tools such as brooms other than issue of garbage bag or work gloves. In addition, we perform PR for installing signboard introducing activity contents to citizens of the prefecture widely in the field.
 Application method has you fill in matter necessary for application documents and attaches maps expressing activity place, and please submit to the nearest Regional Administrative Headquarters or Regional Promotion Bureau.

  *Please refer to lower brochure for reference of flow of procedure and each Regional Administrative Headquarters, Regional Promotion Bureau.

List of excellent commendation groups

 It commends groups moving into action faithfully among road clean volunteer groups as "road clean volunteer excellence group" in the prefecture from 2006.
 Groups in response to commendation are as follows until now. 
(H18) (1)Volunteer meeting (Kumamoto) to protect way row of trees tree, and to bring up
    (2)matcha katsu or meeting (Uki) which goes
(H19) (1)219, Nishiki quotient Sakae meeting (Kuma)
(H20) (1)Tono road clean meeting (Kumamoto)
    (2)Ogawamachiminamibeta ward (Uki)
    (3)Fukagawa Flowers (Kikuchi)
    (4)Shimonareishi self-government promotion society (Kamimashiki)
(H21) (1)Promotion meeting (Uki) made with Qinghai flower
    (2)Kumamoto Prefectural hinokuni high school for disabled children (Kikuchi)

(H22) (1)Iwanaga Gumi (bear soil)
    (2)Nishida Tekko (Uki)
      (3)Kumamoto Prefectural Kikuchi school for disabled children (Kikuchi)

(H23) (1)The Uki interjurisdictional affiliation firefighting headquarters (Uki)
    (2)Tooricho mall promotion association (Yatsushiro)
    (3)Oya Nomachi Shoei society (Amakusa)

 (H24)(1) Shiranui Onsen (Uki)
    (2)Ward (Kamimashiki) in Kitagawa
    (3)Person with a disability support center says; is not crowded (Amakusa)

(H25) (1)Kumamoto Tatematsu Bridge west support school (Uki)
    (2)Iwashita construction (Tamana)
    (3)Akira Sakaguchi (Ashikita)
    (4)Oniike town development promotion society (Amakusa)
  (H26) (1) Yoshimura construction (Tamana)
    (2)Meeting (Aso) of wild chrysanthemum
    (3)Excellent paulownia district (Amakusa)
(H27) (1)髙kikogyo (Kamoto)
          (2)Class garden river (the south of the prefecture)
    (3)Keep living of Minamata; meeting (Ashikita) of all
(H28) No commendation group
(H29) (1)Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. Uki Office (Uki)
(H30) (1)Kawazu landscape gardening (Kamimashiki)
    (2)Forest industry (Aso)
    (3)Brocade center taxi (Kuma)

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Department of Civil Engineering Road Maintenance Division
Telephone: 096-333-2495
Fax: 096-384-6121
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