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Approach for local construction of each municipality

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For local construction, realization of creative revival

 Many municipalities suffer by Kumamoto earthquake, but various approaches that we made use of private business person, the cause of inventive idea by cooperation such as local town development groups, local characteristic in including the municipalities in the prefecture begin in various places throughout the prefecture to connect with creative revival of the whole Kumamoto without stopping flow of past local construction.

 We will introduce approach of each municipality clogged up with hint of local construction at any time from now on. Check it out!


Introduction <the fourth> of approach

H29.4.5  Exhibition

 Hitoyoshi-shi "smart forestry practice business"                                             Population: 33,513 (as of the H29.2 end of the month)

 We measure the forest quantity of natural resources and position with aviation laser and become able to perform export from felling of type and amount of wood which processor needs smoothly. In addition, we perform personnel training through forestry classroom and event and bring up leading figure of future forestry.

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 File Cooperation association of Hitoyoshi-shi With new window

 (1) Sanwa Bussan's executive director Kiyoshi Mitsunaga
 (2) Person in charge of bear center forestry owners' association General Administration Division forest plan engineer Toyohiro Manabe

 Hackathon  Forestry fair
Booth exhibition by hackathon event Festival


 Kikuchi-shi "Kikuchi brand power" by "public-private collaboration acceleration promotion business"                      Population: 49,627 (as of the H29.2 end of the month)

    "Local new business creation by cooperation such as health, medical industry and sightseeing, agriculture of relationships"                

 Through improvement in brand power and improvement not to depend on market in nature by scholar of agriculture upbringing, we make strong production center, person of strong agriculture, and tie to improvement in income of agriculture and create job. In addition, we tie "health" to keyword in resources such as rich nature and farm products, hot spring and plan creation of business and expansion of number of visitors/exchange population newly.

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 File Cooperation association of Kikuchi-shi With new window

 (1) Kikuchi U.S. brand promotion meeting member Hideomi Hotta
 (2) Kikuchi good self-care garden health association    Health nurse Keiko Harada

 The United States, seasoning contest international meeting (gold medal) Kikuchi whole market logo mark
 United States, seasoning contest Kikuchi whole market

 International meeting      Logo 


 Uto-shi "nucleus and healthy ingredients, "ugh, brand" which we did establishment business with functional vegetables"                                   Population: 37,567 (as of the H29.2 end of the month)

 "Ugh, healthy ingredients which assumed functional vegetables (vegetables which applied selective breeding and chemical technique, and added function that was beyond original performance) nucleus establish brand" and reclaim market by reinforcement and matching of infrastructure and aim at improvement of "power to make money" of producer.

 File Approach summary of Uto-shi With new window

 File Cooperation association of Uto-shi With new window

 (1) Smile roar director Shinnosuke Nakayama

 uto brand logo  Functional vegetables "orange Senka"
"Body is functional vegetable with rapture

 Is delicious in heart; "orange Senka"

 uto brand logo


 Ubuyama-mura "local promotion by sales promotion of Brown Swiss milk product"                                                    Population: 1,548 (as of the H29.2 end of the month)



 We let improvement in recognition project of village, project to effectively utilize of resources of village link other than bargain sale project of Brown Swiss milk product which is the best marketable goods product in special product of village and work on device that we can enjoy nature of village for the five senses.

 PDF Approach summary of Ubuyama-mura With new window
 File Cooperation association of Ubuyama-mura With new window
 (1) ; naive mountain sales promotion team            Kazuki Iwashita, Mitsuo Sato,

                            Akihiro Yoshida, Aiko Nakamura,

                            Toru Nakamura others

 (2) Acting meeting's director of NPO corporation Ubuyama defense person, vice-director Hiroaki Ogawa

 Brown Swiss milk product  Ubuyama-mura potaru
 Brown Swiss cow Ubuyama-mura potaru

 Dairy products


 Takamori-machi "sightseeing Tachimachi promotion personnel training business"

    "Product development utilizing local resources and new market development work"                             Population: 6,662 (as of the H29.2 end of the month)

 Town and tourist association play a key role, and establish general incorporated association "TAKAraMORI" to effectively utilize local resources, such as sightseeing or event disseminated information, and opened restaurant utilizing local farm products. In addition, we cooperate with Takamori Blanding meeting and develop attractive new product.

 File Approach summary of Takamori-machi With new window

 File Cooperation association of Takamori-machi With new window

 (1) TAKAraMORI Seisuke Kato
 (2) TAKAraMORI Nozomi Ono


water forestTakamori jikan
Town development company is luck Takamori-machi experience purogu

Restaurant & lamb "Takamori jikan" which does ei


"Water Forest"


 Kosa-machi "we keep clear stream Midorikawa alive creation, emigration domiciliation promotion project business together with help"                  Population: 10,924 (as of the H29.2 end of the month)

 Market to product development by inflection of abundant area resources and company support, metropolitan area enlarges "clear stream" in keyword. In addition, we promote tour in the town block by holding such as sightseeing route, the sports fiesta and create "a person's interchange".

 File Approach summary of Kosa-machi With new window

 File Cooperation association of Kosa-machi With new window

 (1) Kosa-machi business and industry society youth group tall and stout Yusuke Taki

 Kosa-machi, flea market The Midori River sports fiesta
The Midori River sports that are held in the Midori River basin

Flea market        Festival


 Ashikita-machi "JA ashikita agriculture entry business to establish the local future by agriculture and sightseeing"                        Population: 18,050 (as of the H29.2 end of the month)

 Strawberry picking opens Tourist Farm which there is as "JA to plow" that JA is united with town and promotes development of agriculture that is key industry. Also, by farm maintenance, we can connect to activation of town by increase of tourist as place of the employment of local resident.

 File Approach summary of Ashikita-machi With new window

 PDF Cooperation association of Ashikita-machi With new window

 (1) Oh, agricultural cooperative synthesis direct marketing department's manager Yuzo Motoyama which did, and came

 Strawberry picking scenery Strawberry picking introspectiveness
 Strawberry picking experience strawberry picking house 


 Nishiki-machi "Nishiki-machi fan creation project business by sightseeing product, key industry promotion"                   Population: 11,022 (as of the H29.2 end of the month)

 We perform new product development utilizing farm products with urban area restaurant in the town block and create work by sales promotion. In addition, by publicizing charm of town by seminar that monitor tour that combined sightseeing with monitor tour and agriculture utilizing Hitoyoshi navy ruins, local resident oneself can send information of town to, make flow of people to town.

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 File Cooperation association of Nishiki-machi With new window

 (1) First annex Iwao Onizuka
 (2) aguri tax place Akihiko Saisho

    Car shop Yasuda, Yasuda Takahide

 Product "brocade stick dumpling" which we developed  Monitor tour making soba experience

On development product "brocade stick dumpling" monitor tour           

          Making soba experience


 Yunomae-machi "work construction business utilizing the media contents of comics, animation"                    Population: 4,073 people

 Takamori-machi                                                                                                 6,662 (as of the H29.2 end of the month)

 We install which holding that tour rally and fan have a meeting and comics library cafe which cooperated with area and plan increase of tourist by building tourist preparation for acceptance utilizing comics, animation and create job.

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 File <wide area cooperation> Cooperation association of Yunomae-machi, Takamori-machi With new window
 (1) Kumagawa Railway's president Tomoji Nagae

 (2) Minami Aso Railway's executive director Hisashi Tsuru Homare 

 Lapping train Dress stamp rally
 Dress      Tour rally

Lapping train   ©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha

          © Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha

          Fuji TV, TOEI older brother


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