About recruitment of participants of Kyushu, Yamaguchi combination internship (the second offer)

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Under recruitment of internship participants for university students of Tokyo metropolitan area!

Exclusive site recruits Kyushu, eight prefectures of Yamaguchi and participants of "Kyushu, Yamaguchi combination internship" that the economic world carries out all in one body business in "Kyushu, Yamaguchi Kirari ☆ hakken" With new window(external link). Participation eligible people are juniors of Tokyo metropolitan area and do not matter to the native place prefecture.

We carried out this business for the purpose of promoting return current to Kyushu, Yamaguchi of young man human resources of Tokyo metropolitan area and fixation to area through employment experience in company of each Kyushu, Yamaguchi prefecture and had you participate in 72 students in total in last year.

By having you live while working in each Kyushu, Yamaguchi prefecture for about five days, let alone this charm that local, works, easy life can realize, too.

 In this summer, do you not think about future carrier slowly and carefully in nature, rich Kyushu, Yamaguchi of food culture?


1 eligible person

 20 (at all Kyushu, Yamaguchi around 120) students (graduand after 2019) such as graduate school, university, junior college, higher vocational school, special vocational school of Tokyo metropolitan area

 ※It does not matter to the native place prefecture. (student of university of Kyushu, Yamaguchi is excluded)


2 implementation period

 Consecutive around five days from July to September (during summer holidays of student)


3 internship conduct places

 Company (group) in Kumamoto


4 participation fees

 Free of charge

5 travel expenses furtherance

  We support a part of the travel expenses necessary for movement from Tokyo metropolitan area to this prefectural (internship conduct place) (a half, upper limit of total amount of money of transportation expenses, the hotel charges actual expenses of 30000 yen per person).
 For details, at first, apply for internship briefing session as you explain in the internship briefing session (the travel expenses pertaining to internship briefing session are paid privately).

6 application methods

(1) Application method
 From exclusive site "Kyushu, Yamaguchi shiningly ☆ hakken" With new window(external link) to internship precedence registration meeting, internship briefing session apply.
 We accept application to internship after having had you confirm detailed contents including flow and acceptance company information until internship participation by briefing session. 
 ※At first, internship participation desired person needs participation in internship precedence registration meeting, internship briefing session. The details such as holding schedules of briefing session look at exclusive site.
 ※We perform matching with company after having asked about hope of the industry and employment place and thing that we want to experience. We cannot accept designation of company of internship. In addition, depending on the application situation, the desired type of job, we may introduce internship except this prefecture.

Participant report for 7 past conduct

 We had you participate toward 72 targeting at students of Tokyo metropolitan area that was interested in area in total in blue-ribbon company of each Kyushu, Yamaguchi prefecture in around five days at interval and from August to September let alone person from Kyushu, Yamaguchi in 2016.

 You can see report of participant by exclusive site "Kyushu, Yamaguchi Kirari ☆ hakken" participant report With new window(external link). Please read.


8 sponsorship

 Kyushu, Yamaguchi UIJ turn young man employment promotion meeting

 (Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Yamaguchi)

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