The third Kumamoto community-based welfare support plan

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We devised the third Kumamoto community-based welfare support plan

◆Basic way of thinking of plan

    [inhabitants main character]

   Local residents participates in all processes such as plan, planning, practice, evaluation, and it is important to work on local problem solution.

  [symbiosis (social ink roux John]

   All people are respected like the person and aim at community where there is normal living commonly.   

  [town development]

   As well as the welfare, it is necessary medical care and traffic, to cooperate with the field except the welfare including community improvement positively to cope with various problems.

◆We aim by plan

 "Town development of the Kumamoto model welfare to get by local power together"

  There are original area resources ("strength") in Kumamoto including dementia supporter that the base "local relationship gawa" and training rate of anyone that various activities are developed in 500 places of prefecture or more can gather, assisting becomes (2015) Japan's most.

  In cooperation with the municipalities, it is main character that all inhabitants has that "there is" each while making use of these "strengths" and is concerned with local problem positively and aims at "town development of the Kumamoto type welfare" that anyone local participates in town development, and can play an active part.


◎We can download the third Kumamoto community-based welfare support plan body version from the following PDF file.

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Summary version 

  • PDF Summary version With new window(PDF: 2.46 megabytes)

    Basic way of thinking of Chapter 1 plan

 Of 1 Kumamoto community-based welfare support plan until now
 In development of 2 third plan
 Role of 3 plan
 Period of 4 plan


The current situation (result) and problem in Chapter 2 second Kumamoto community-based welfare support plan promotion

  Development of the town development type welfare from 1 Kumamoto
   (1) Local relationship gawazukuri
   (2) The making of local hair dressing
   (3) Local supporting thing revitalization
  Foundation of 2 relief
   (1) Upbringing of leading figure supporting community-based welfare
   (2) The making of structure which rose in viewpoint of inhabitants
   (3) The making of vision of community-based welfare
  Opinion of 3 citizens of the prefecture, municipalities, person concerned, area (practitioner)
   (1) Opinion of citizens of the prefecture
   (2) Opinion of practitioner in the municipalities, the person concerned, area
PDF The current situation (result) and problem With new window(PDF: 6.64 megabytes) in Chapter 2 second Kumamoto community-based welfare support plan promotion


The situation to surround community-based welfare of Chapter 3 book prefecture

  Low birthrate and aging, movement of population decline and local construction to accelerate 1
   (1) Declining birthrate and population decline to accelerate
   (2) Aging to further advance

     ○Elderly person changes in population
     ○The situation of elderly person household
     ○The situation of healthy life expectancy
   (3) Movement of local construction
  Changes such as 2 communities and system
   (1) Change of consciousness of family form and community
   (2) Local needs to diversify
   (3) Movement such as social security system reform
     ○Social security system reform and community-based welfare
     ○Increase of person requiring nursing care and revision of nursing-care insurance system
     ○The enforcement of life poor independence support law
     ○The way review of social welfare corporation
PDF The situation With new window(PDF: 4.65 megabytes) to surround community-based welfare of Chapter 3 book prefecture


Contents of Chapter 4 third plan

 About contents of the third plan

 Ⅰ Development of town development by the Kumamoto model welfare
 Relationship gawazukuri of 1 area
  (1) Local relationship gawa
    ○To attractive place to stay where "anyone local" wants to gather truly
    ○Improvement of life support functions
    ○Approach promotion at place where anyone is more immediate
  (2) Local contact home
  (3) It is salon contact lively
 The making of hair dressing of 2 areas
  (1) We watch and are promoted activity
    ○The making of consciousness and participation promotion in area of a variety of cooperators including inhabitants
    ○We watch and strengthen improvement of system
    ○Reinforcement of response to disaster
  (2) Improvement of life support
    ○Development of life support that various actors participate in
    ○To the spread and life support of "order taker" be tied
    ○Reinforcement of shopping support, going out support
  (3) We see and are promoted the making of base and the making of system of defense
 Work revitalization of 3 areas
  (1) Company from local relationship gawa with viewpoint of the welfare
  (2) Creation of place where anyone can play an active part lively
  (3) Promotion of cooperation with the field for realization of relationships
  (4) Realization of social farm model
 Ⅱ Foundation of relief
 Upbringing of leading figure supporting 4 community-based welfare
  (1) The training of town development leader of the welfare
  (2) Promotion of social participation by promotion, life active play of volunteer activity
  (3) Expansion of local contribution activity of social welfare corporation, company
  (4) Securing of local welfare officer, children's committee of human resources and improvement of activity environment
  (5) Role reinforcement of Council of Social Welfare
  (6) Securing of welfare, care human resources
 The making of structure which rose in viewpoint of 5 inhabitants
  (1) Maintenance of general consultation counter in area
  (2) Disseminating information and information sharing of community-based welfare
  (3) Improvement of right protection system
  (4) Improvement of welfare service third party evaluation system, complaint solution system
 Promotion of general support in 6 areas
  (1) Promotion of local inclusion care
  (2) Improvement of local person with a disability welfare service
  (3) Improvement of child, child care support in area
  (4) The life poor measures
    ○Correspondence to life poor independence support system
    ○Approach in this plan
 The making of vision of 7 community-based welfare
  (1) Support to community-based welfare plan, community-based welfare activity plan
  (2) Understanding promotion of citizen of the prefecture
 Model development of community-based welfare
  It is ... for fusion of ... further "welfare and town development", realization of Kumamoto living relief system


For realization of Chapter 5 plan

  1 pipelaying system
  Cooperation with two municipality, citizens of the prefecture

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