The outbreak situation of ixodids in Kumamoto-mediated infectious disease

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    About spotted fever, trombiculiasis in Kumamoto in Japan, severe febrile thrombopenia syndrome (SFTS) 

The outbreak situation

 For illness that spotted fever, trombiculiasis in Japan, severe febrile thrombopenia syndrome (SFTS) happen for sucking blood of ixodids with these pathogenic microbes (ixodid harvest bug) Japan spotted fever, SFTS around West Japan including Kumamoto trombiculiasis of the Tohoku district patient is reported as far as is wide (figure 1).

 Japanese spotted fever, SFTS run in spring in Kumamoto in ... autumn, and there is much number of patients, and trombiculiasis is reported in winter (figure 2). As for the patients with spotted fever in Japan, as for most, the harvest bug, outbreak in the prefectural north around Aso area tends that there is many in Amakusa area of the south area of the prefecture, eight generations area when we add up the number of patients (H25 - 30 years) in past Kumamoto according to areas (figure 3).

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Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 1  Figure 2




Figure 3

Figure 3


About ixodid

  Is a lot usually parasitic on wild wild boar, deer, and ixodid does kyuchi, but attach to animal by walks of pets as do kyuchi from dog, cat, ixodid with ill cause microbe of living environment of Homo sapiens may be brought in more to neighborhood.

 By ixodid investigation which went in this office, it is detected gene 2.8% of cause microbes of spotted fever in Japan (figure 4), gene of SFTS virus by 1.6% (figure 5).

  • Figure 4Figure 5
    Figure 4 Figure 5  


Ixodid measures

  Spreading is important to the infectious disease prevention on seat at the time of long break to use clothes, repellent that there is little exposure of skin at the time of farming and field service at place with many wild animals in particular.

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