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About river maintenance basic policy and river maintenance plan

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River maintenance basic policy and river maintenance plan


[river maintenance basic policy] (River Act Article 16 Paragraph 1)
 As for the river administrator, it is decided to make policy that should become basics about plan rise of a river flow rate and others river construction and maintenance of river as river maintenance basic policy about the river to manage.
[river maintenance plan] (two of River Act Article 16)
 River administrator should carry out river maintenance along river maintenance basic policy premeditatedly, and, about section, it is decided to make plan about the maintenance.

River maintenance basic policy of Kumamoto and river maintenance plan

River maintenance basic policy and the river maintenance plan development situation
As of R2.1.23
 Water system nameSpheresBasic policyMaintenance plan
[the first grade water system direct control section] Country is madeThe Kikuchi River water systemH20.3.26H23.9.29
Shirakawa water systemH12.12.19R2.1.23 (change)
The Midori River water systemH20.7.25H25.1.29
The Kuma River water systemH19.5.11
The Chikugo River water systemH15.10.2H18.7.20
The Ono River water systemH11.12.1H12.11.27
Five Segawa water systemsH16.1.26H20.2.8
Oyodokawa water systemH15.2.4H18.3.22
  8 water systems7 water systems
[the first grade water system-designated section (prefectural management section)]Shirakawa water systemShirakawa, Kurokawa
The Midori River water systemDepartment of tree River
The Midori River water systemBush warbler river
The Kikuchi River water systemThe upper reaches sphere
The Midori River water systemMoisture river
   1 sphere, 5 rivers
[the second grade water system]Iwashita River
Vast sheath river
Upper Tsu Urakawa
High Hamakawa
Chinese and Korean people River
Rogi River
The Hirose River
Town Yamaguchi River
The Sakai River
The Ono River
Net Tsugawa-
Aitsu River--
  15 water systems9 water systems




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