The 27th Kumamoto environment prize commendation ceremony

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The 27th Kumamoto environment prize commendation ceremony

About "Kumamoto environment prize"

 Remarkable achievement praised various places that there was for activity about richer environmental maintenance, creation, and this prize planned more development of activity and spread to more citizens of the prefecture and was intended that we contributed to the richness of life and environmental maintenance, creation, and eventually, and founded consciousness and activity in 1991.

 Commendation ceremony was held this time in the governor visitor's room on Monday, June 4, and, "prize for Kumamoto nature symbiosis", "country Prize of Kumamoto water" commended 4 groups of "Kumamoto environmental education Prize", 1 individual of "prize for encouragement".


"Prize for Kumamoto nature symbiosis"

"Kumamoto Prefectural Aso center High School green environment department" (Aso-shi)

The Aso center

 We raise grassy plain reproduction project group to solve decrease in recent grassy plain area and local problem and challenge the making of roof of thatch which used reproduction of the abandonment grassy plain, vegetation investigation, Japanese pampas grass of grassy plain. We work on thatched technical tradition continuously in cooperation with local thatched studio. In addition, for grassy plain PR of Aso, we work on the fund-raising and carry out products made in grass inn and perform approach of grassy plain maintenance, reproduction in Aso area.

"Country prize of Kumamoto water"

The south ridge


○"Kumamoto Prefectural south edge High School" (Asagiri-cho)
 We carry out beautification contest and local cleaning, Kumamoto "water" official approval examination. In addition, we plan and carry out event of "agriculture inheritance to quench Kuma asking for ho" and, in cooperation with local commercial and industrial meeting, install filthy water depurator in campus and utilize as water of flower bed. Furthermore, we participate in "volunteer of Sagara-mura sponsorship made with forest of Mae river water source" every year and perform approach to realize role of aquatic resources again from history of native district positively.  

"Country prize of Kumamoto water"

○"kumahonkenritsu*shikotogakukorikabu" (Arao-shi)
  We announce environment and scientific research of benthos continuing from 2012 when Hikata, Arao became Ramsar Convention registration damp ground in Asia damp ground symposium 2017 and interchange with many various places working in Asia and various parts of Japan, and wise profit of chain and water regime, the village sea of the forest Satokawa sea sends importance of utilizing. In addition, in connection with museums inside and outside the prefecture, creature observation society of Hikata, Arao participates as the volunteer staff and performs approach of environmental conservation utilized local characteristic.

"Prize for Kumamoto environmental education"



○ "nao*chugaku, high school" (Kumamoto-shi)

 We make use of learning of food mileage and carry out lunch contest using ingredients from Kumamoto led by eco-committee of campus and work on familiar carbon dioxide reduction activity. In addition, we work on maintenance of planting in the cause Aso area of Kumamoto "water" official approval examination and cooperation of Aso-shi forestry owners' association and "forest of nao*" continuously and contribute to groundwater maintenance of Kumamoto, maintenance of rich natural environments. We work on such a wide environmental education positively.





"Prize for encouragement"

 ○"Ayako Moriyama" (Minamata-shi)


We promoted environment learning with expanse in each subject with lesson of Minamata as nucleus, and, in 2017, 19 educational travels, 2,292, inspection training 21 group, 592 plans received. In addition, we work on making of structure and upbringing that by having place of learning participate in for payment to local local guide and instructor, are connected for continuation and understanding in area. It involves citizen in activity sending learning from Minamata from Minamata Ashikita area to the whole country from the viewpoint of community improvement and works on area rebirth.




Group photo
 By talk with deputy-governor after commendation, prize winner was talked about about your approach each, and, as for the deputy-governor, it was asked the approach a question, and difficulty was thanked for its service.

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