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Car body maintenance department

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We aim at service engineer of car maintenance, sheet metal, the painting! 


 Catch phrase size

[more than the second grade automotive internist training facility, car body mechanic training facility high-school graduate 15/three years course capacity]

 In late years car advance in art, development includes remarkable thing.
 By car maintenance, add to maintenance, check, response to new technique

Such as the body maintenance (damage diagnosis and body correction, sheet metal, painting, various welding technology)

General knowledge and repair technology are required.

 In this way, we can cope with trouble of various cars flexibly,

Able mechanic who can repair is demanded surely.
   2   8   Training car


 In our course, we acquire three national qualifications of the second grade gasoline diesel automotive internist and body mechanic,

We will bring up specialist who can play an active part in wide field including car maintenance business, the body maintenance business in the future.


             ◆Can acquire; qualification, course◆    

Can acquire; qualification


・The second grade gasoline automotive internist (practical skill exemption)
・The second grade diesel automotive internist (practical skill exemption)
・Car body mechanic
・Used car assessment person (compact car)
・The second kind electricity construction person
・Identification of low-pressure electric handling special education completion (hybrid car)
・Identification of autogenous welding skill class completion
・Identification of arc welding special education completion
・Grinding and identification of stone special education completion
・Tire air identification of special education completion not to assign

・Identification of small vehicle system construction machine special education completion
・Assistant certified technician (skill collation passer)

・Each auto sales dealer (Service Department) Toyota, Nissan
  Honda, Mazda, Daihatsu, sea bass, Mitsubishi, Subaru
  Isuzu, foreign car dealer, other makers system

  ※Random order
・Private car sheet metal painting factory
・Private car inspection repair shop









 In the national sole three years course, curriculum has high weight of practical skill using true car,

By carrying out company experience-based training (internship) for a total of six weeks, learn more practical technique. 


             Basic education of 1 annual car maintenance



・Structure, function of car
・The dynamics, electricity of car
・Safe hygiene, the law, drafting of relationships

・The measurement, machine operation, work
・Car maintenance, safe work  

・The low-pressure electric handling special education 


      Jack  Engine 1  Engine 2
           <jack up work>                     <engine resolution maintenance work>


         1-4  Mission  Demister
                 <transmission resolution assembling work>                 <differential resolution assembling work>




             Professional training of 2 annual car maintenance

Applied subject


・Automotive engineering, the car maintenance method
・Structure, the handling of apparatus
・Examination for car, the law concerned

・Car maintenance, chassis maintenance, car inspection maintenance, trouble search
・Hybrid and foundations of electric car
・Desorption of the hybrid equipment and the resolution

(battery, inverter, cable)


   7        Brakes       Tire
    <periodic inspection maintenance work of structure change vehicle>       <brakes resolution maintenance work>          <tire desorption work>


   11        12         Headlight
                  <hybrid battery desorption of prius and driving performance examination>                                 <headlight adjustment work>


The basics, professional training of 3 annual body maintenance 

Technical education program


・Structure (materials, the dynamics, structure, function) of car frame and the body
・Maintenance (maintenance, sheet metal, the painting, the damage diagnosis) of car frame and the body
・Maintenance of car frame and the body
・Car sheet metal, the painting
        13        Masking         Door coating             <restore (restoration) work of old car of the Showa era>     <masking (good self-care) work>           <the painting work of door>

   3-7   After all painting   3-5
     <frame correction work of body>            <vehicle after all painting>           <(polishing) work to polish>

      The details of car body maintenance department from this (PDF: 755.2 kilobytes) We open with the other window


   Video of training scenery

    Resolution assembling training https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOGi9kC60-c of engine

    Car inspection maintenance training        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX8yqvAHYWI


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