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About the forest insurance

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About the forest insurance

 The forest insurance is the sole safety net which contributes to stability of forestry management by supporting re-afforestation in correspondence with fire, flood, wind damage, the snow damage, frost damage, drought disaster, tide-water damage, the forest damage by eruption evil.

 ※We do not cope with earthquake, damage by illness insect beast harm.



What kind of forest does it apply to?

 If it is artificial plantation, we become a target regardless of tree class (shrubs such as azalea, hydrangea are excluded), forest age, area.

Can anyone join?

 Anyone can join regardless of presence, individual, corporation of the forest possession. But person insured receiving the insurance must be owner of the forest.

Where should we propose to?

 We can apply in the nearest forestry owners' association or Kumamoto forestry owners' association federation.

 Forestry owners' association contact information



Phone number 

 Kumamoto forestry owners' association federation 〒861-8041 Higashi-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto Toshima 2-3-35


 Tamana forestry owners' association 〒861-0906 2746-2, Nishiyoshiji, Nagomi-machi, Tamana-gun 0968-34-2052
 Kamoto forestry owners' association 〒861-0554 Oaza, Yamaga-shi-jo Castle 3599 0968-42-1337
 Kikuchi forestry owners' association 〒869-1206 524-1, Kyokushiisaka, Kikuchi-shi 0968-37-3500
 Aso forestry owners' association 〒869-2224 885-1, Kurabaru, Aso-shi 0967-34-0335
 Oguni-machi forestry owners' association 〒869-2501 1802-1, Miyahara, Oguni-machi, Aso-gun 0967-46-2411
 The Midori River forestry owners' association 〒861-3512 315, Gebao, Yamato-cho, Kamimashiki-gun   0967-72-0154
 Yatsushiro forestry owners' association 〒869-4403 101, Izumimachishimodake, Yatsushiro-shi 0965-67-2231
 Minamata, Ashikita forestry owners' association 〒867-0001 473-1, Kotsunagi, Minamata-shi 0966-62-2014
 Bear center forestry owners' association 〒868-0044 3333-1, Higashiaidashimomachi, Hitoyoshi-shi 0966-24-3729
 Taragi-machi forestry owners' association 〒868-0501 837-4, Taragi, Taragi-machi, Kuma-gun 0966-42-2122
 Upper Kuma forestry owners' association 〒868-0701 Oaza, Mizukami-mura, Kuma-gun Iwano 160   0966-44-0344
 Sagara-mura forestry owners' association 〒868-0101 kyumagunsoryomuradaijishiurahigashi 2081-1  0966-36-0111
 Itsuki-mura forestry owners' association 〒868-0201 Ko-2672-33, Itsuki-mura, Kuma-gun 0966-37-2314
 Kuma-mura forestry owners' association 〒869-6204 Ko-1130, Kamize, Kuma-mura, Kuma-gun 0966-34-0211
 Amakusa area forestry owners' association 〒863-0044 tensoshikusunokiura 9946-1 0969-22-2646






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