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About outside lecturer inflection of cancer education in school

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Purpose of outside lecturer utilization in cancer education

 It educates health that it included the prevention in since childhood, and, about cancer becoming the first place of the Japanese cause of death, it is very important to have you have right recognition.

 About cancer education in school, it is pushed forward from 2017 and aims for learning from child, student about health and importance of life through deepening understanding for various places facing right knowledge and cancer of cancer.

 It is said that conduct that cooperated with lecturer at outside such as healthcare worker (doctor, nurse, health nurse) or cancer experienced person engaged in cancer from specialty of cancer is desirable while assuming class by teacher basics in conduct of cancer education.



Outside lecturer dispatch (educational front) who thinks of request

◆As you publish procedure of request for outside lecturer and collection of styles, list of cooperative bodies as follows, in the case of request, please utilize.

(it is not necessarily necessary to have you follow procedure of publication ※. Please be carried out by method suitable for state of implementation of each school.)






Request for outside lecturer dispatchOutside lecturer dispatch request (2)




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