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Japanese inheritance "culture of maintenance and enterprise that Sagara 700 years produced"

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Red-light district - Kuma, Hitoyoshi ... which is the richest in maintenance and culture - Japan of enterprise which Sagara 700 years laid


It was authorized to inheritance of Japan!

 Kuma, Hitoyoshi area is area that is rare in the whole country that Sagara ruled from the Kamakura era to about 700 years until the Meiji Restoration.
 We used architecture of the capital for Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine, and Sagara adopted new technique while respecting unsunkaruta and culture of the people including Kumashochu, and historic cultural high-value shrines and temples and Buddha statue including national treasure Aoi Aso-jinja Shrine have been inherited as an object of faith carefully.
 Cultural assets inherited for this "Sagara 700 years" and story that joined manners and customs, local history together, and was spun were authorized to Japan inheritance as thing which conveyed charm of Japanese culture, traditions.

Story of Kuma, Hitoyoshi

 Feudal lord Sagara of Kuma, Hitoyoshi made use of geographical advantage among steep Kyushu Yamaji and refused invasion of foreign enemy and performed the rule for a long time called rare "Sagara 700 years" in Japanese history.
 Mind of town planning that the people were united was formed of feudal lord in that and believed in shrines and temples and Buddha statue group, noh dance together and enjoyed, and culture to protect was brought up.
 We took in foreign culture with enterprise hard at the same time, and original food culture and game, transportation network were fixed.
 There is not area that proof of culture sublimated by maintenance and enterprise, both mind centers, and exists elsewhere and is area that can see reduced drawing of Japanese culture in now, and Ryotaro Shiba writes down this ground with "red-light district that is the richest in Japan".
Aoi Aso-jinja Shrine garachoku *shindenkanon
Amamiya Shrine The good Kannon Itsuki Aso-jinja Shrine

With inheritance of Japan

 It is system that Agency for Cultural Affairs founded with thing to authorize Japanese culture, "story" to talk about tradition through local historic charm and characteristic from 2015.

 Cultural assets itself does not become a target of authorization, and maintenance utilizes cultural assets county of essential materiality, formlessness at the local whole in reciteing story, and it becomes purpose by sending to home and abroad, to plan sightseeing promotion and local activation. 

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