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Recruitment of Dr. Kumamoto public sanitation

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In Kumamoto, central government office, prefectural public health center recruit working public sanitation doctors. At first, please feel free to contact.  

  There is sociomedical system specialist training program! We can acquire "specialist" while working! (please see 8 Kumamoto society medicine system specialist training program in detail.)
The subscription for 1 staff 
   Around two people
2 adoption time   
   At any time (decided after adjustment)

Subscription for 3 period

   At any time

   ※We may cancel offer by the situation of adoption even if during offer period.


4 qualifications   

     People (in retirement age of doctor of prefectural officials, 65 years old) in having doctor license at the time of adoption under 60

   But person corresponding to any of the following cannot take an exam.

       ・Person who does not have Japanese nationality
       ・Adult ward or person under curatorship (we include quasi-incompetent as provisional measure of civil law revision.)
       ・Person before ceasing to receive the execution until we are sentenced to punishment that is beyond imprisonment and end the execution or
       ・Person who gets a punishment of disciplinary dismissal as the Kumamoto staff, and does not pass in two years from day of the disposal concerned
       ・We form political party or other groups claiming that we destroy the Constitution of Japan or the government formed below by violence

        Person who did or joined this


5 test methods  

   Interview examinations (is decided after adjustment in schedule.)


6 working conditions  

   (1) In the case of person about salary 40 years old, yearly income is 12 million yen - around 15 million yen.

           [example of career path]

            Late 30s :After the doctor qualification, we engage in clinical practice for more than ten years and enter Kumamoto prefectural government office
                   ・We work as the staff in central government office (assistant section manager grade)
                   ・We attend the training of the field of health welfare administrative management in the National Institute of Public Health
            ... in mid-40s: We work as public health center's director or the section manager of central government office
   (2) From 8:30 to 17:15 (in principle) until working hours Monday through Friday
   (3) Duty place central government office (the Kumamoto city)
           Public health centers (Uki-shi, Tamana-shi, Yamaga-shi, Kikuchi-shi, Aso-shi, Mifune-machi, Kamimashiki-gun, Yatsushiro-shi, Minamata-shi, Hitoyoshi-shi, Amakusa-shi)
   (4) A five-day working week (Saturday and Sunday), holiday, New Year holidays (in principle) complete on holiday
   (5) Vacation annual vacation (20th/age), summer holidays (5th), before childbirth after giving birth vacation, parental leave, care leave 

7 duties introductions   

   (1) Central government office Public Health Emergencies Management Division: Infectious disease measures, healthy crisis management duties including food sanitation

          Medical Policy Division: Medical policies such as securing of doctor measures, medical offer system maintenance (first aid, disaster are at home)

          Total Health Promotion Division: The prevention, health promotions such as cancer, diabetes

   (2) Monitoring, instruction such as promotion and the making of home care support system of public health center health promotion, medical affairs, pharmaceutical affair, life hygiene, food security,

          We carry out mental health, intractable disease, AIDS measures.

          We carry out correspondence at healthy crisis management such as food poisoning and infectious disease measures, disaster.
          In addition, we have jurisdiction over duties of the field of welfare. 

   In the prefecture, there is Kumamoto society medicine system specialist training program authorized by association of general incorporated association sociomedical system specialist.

    Kumamoto society medicine system specialist training program (H30.10.31 change) (PDF: 754 kilobytes) We open with the other window

   There is message from Kumamoto health director society.

   PDF Message We open with the other window(PDF: 371 kilobytes) from Kumamoto health director society


9 and others: Charm (sightseeing, meal) of Kumamoto

   We will introduce in URL (homepage) as follows.



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