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 It enforces "regulation about prevention of Kumamoto global warming" in Kumamoto in April, 2010 and, for a certain effectiveness-related discharge reduction, introduces three plan systems of operation, Eco commuting, building. About constant size or more companies, we oblige to making of each plan about reduction measures of greenhouse gas and report of state of implementation and submission to the governor.

   <preferential treatment of the prefecture for proprietor participating in plan system of operation, eco-commuting for option>

       ・Rating two points point addition in Kumamoto construction bid participant screening


Plan system relations



Plan system

 Operation warming measures plan systemWith new window

 Eco-commuting environment consideration plan systemWith new window

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Excellent company commendation

  From company targeted for operation warming measures plan system, we founded system to commend company which performed superior approach to give a good example to other companies about reduction of company's greenhouse gas discharge in 2017.


<the fourth prize winner (2020)>

 LIXIL Ariake factory

 Kumamoto dairy farming cooperative federation

 Suntory beer Kyushu Kumamoto factory

 CHUO MALLEABLE IRON Co., Ltd. Kumamoto factory 


<the third prize winner (2019)>

 Jay ray Kitakyusyu Kumiai Shiryo Kumamoto factory

 Chuo Electronics Co., Ltd. industry Kumamoto factory

 Miraial Co., Ltd. Kumamoto office

 runesasusemikondakutamanyufakuchuaringu Kawajiri factory


<the second prize winner (2018)>

 NOK Corporation Kumamoto workplace

 Social welfare corporation royal gift foundation Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital

 Nittetsu Sumikin energy service FFQ energy center


<the first prize winner (2017)>

 runesasusemikondakutapakkeji & test Solutions brocade factory


 The details are epitome of the (the first - fourth) prize winnerWe open with the other window



  • Excellent casebook


    Quantity of forest absorption certification systemWith new window


    Eco-action 21

    It is environmental management system that Ministry of the Environment devised by to work on energy saving, resource saving in the operation, plan discharge reduction of expense and greenhouse gas, and to support companies aiming at operation that considered environment.

    <preferential treatment of the prefecture for the eco-action 21 certification, registration>

     (1)Rating five points point addition in Kumamoto construction bid participant screening

     (2)Preliminary screening of prospective bidders rating two points point addition to affect article purchasing contract


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     For the purpose of minimizing influence that activities such as companies give to environment, it is international standard norm about environment set by International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

    <preferential treatment of the prefecture for the ISO14001 certification, registration>

     (1)Rating about seven points point addition in management matter examination

     (2)Preliminary screening of prospective bidders rating two points point addition to affect article purchasing contract


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