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Excellent company commendation (prize for bear Eco warming measures of company)

The last update date:

 It enforces "regulation about prevention of Kumamoto global warming" in Kumamoto in April, 2010 and, based on the regulations, introduces plan system pertaining to greenhouse gas emission reduction
We are doing. From company targeted for plan system, we founded system (prize for bear Eco warming measures of company) to commend company which performed superior approach to give a good example to other companies about reduction of company's greenhouse gas discharge in operation in 2017. We decided the third prize winner this time secondary to last year and held commendation ceremony on July 23, 2019.


<the third prize winner (2019)>  ・Jay ray Kitakyusyu Kumiai Shiryo Kumamoto factory

                ・Chuo Electronics Co., Ltd. industry Kumamoto factory

                           ・Miraial Co., Ltd. Kumamoto office

                ・runesasusemikondakutamanyufakuchuaringu Kawajiri factory (the order of the kana syllabary)


runesasusemikondakutamanyufakuchuaringu Kawajiri factory Section Manager Ikejiri (the first person from the left this side), Sakoguchi (the first person from the left side depths) who have testimonial in their hand, Taisuke Ono, deputy-governor (the second person from the left this side) of (the first depths from the right) and the prefecture of Jay ray Kitakyusyu Kumiai Shiryo Kumamoto factory Deputy Manager Otao of Director Miraial Co., Ltd. Kumamoto office Tanaka business (the second person from the right this side) of Manager Enokida (the second depths from the right) (the first person from the right this side) of Deputy Manager Mitarai, Chuo Electronics Co., Ltd. industry Kumamoto factory are absence for convenience

Achievement summary of prize winner

・Jay ray Kitakyusyu Kumiai Shiryo Kumamoto factory


   As a result of having carried out energy consumption efficiency remedy continuously, CO2 basic unit (CO2 discharge/production weight) decreased in comparison with last year.

[original approach]

   Extract factor to affect the energy consumption efficiency from data of energy consumption according to production process according to facilities and the facilities operation situation, is examination ・ in remedy

  We carried out. Specifically, by analyzing change of steam basic unit (steam consumption/production weight) by combination of product line, identify steam leak facilities,

  We repaired facilities.

[approach with versatility]

   We perform the most suitable driving that accepted load by inverter introduction to ka and compressor with a view of the use of energy situation, kopuressaea leak point.

[approach with organization characteristics]

   It promotes consciousness enlightenment of employee by "ka to see" of the use of energy situation, eco-driving of company car by speed limit device setting of the yard forklift

  We carry out approach.


・Chuo Electronics Co., Ltd. industry Kumamoto factory


   As a result of having pushed forward active energy saving, occupancy rate of plant improves, in spite of energy consumption increase accompanied with amount of production increase basic unit (CO2

   Discharge/amount of production) decreased in comparison with last year.

[original approach]

   We reduce energy consumption by reduction of operation point of air conditioning and lighting by the facilities collection in factory, curtailed service of clean room, reduction of operation day of factory

  We were able to do it.

[approach with versatility]

   Make restraint of use of superabundant energy by "ka to see" of the driving situation of heat source facilities, inverter of main facilities (pump and fan); the steam plumbing and

  We keep valves warm.

[approach with organization characteristics]

   We organize energy-saving committee based on ISO14001 and work in the whole office for accomplishment every section.


・Miraial Co., Ltd. Kumamoto office


   Energy consumption increasing with amount of production increase, but not making defective article, cycle time up of plant are energy saving nitsunagarutono

  Basic unit (CO2 discharge/amount of production) decreased by the cause of thought, improvement in occupancy rate of plant in comparison with last year.

[original approach]

   Manufacturing department is united with energy-saving promotion Committee and examines measures from cost cut and energy-saving both sides and carries out.

[approach with versatility]

   Cull of lightener who became inverter of main facilities (fans for pump for coolant and air conditioning), and secured appropriate illumination, indoor temperature standard (summer 30 degrees Celsius in factory

  We perform air conditioning management based on 20 degrees Celsius), energy saving driving by demand monitoring system operation in the winter season.

[approach with organization characteristics]

   We put energy-saving promotion Committee and we nominate for aim of environmental management Committee based on ISO14001 and work.


・runesasusemikondakutamanyufakuchuaringu Kawajiri factory


   Work on the cause of thought that it leads to energy saving to raise production efficiency, improvement in rate of operation and defectiveness rate reduction of plant of product, basic unit discharge (CO2 *

  We achieve reduction target value of quantity of appearance/amount of production).

[original approach]

   Enlightenment of energy saving consciousness by indication of electricity use rate in factory to intranet in the company, the monthly results confirmation and PDCA operation based on detailed energy saving execution plan,

  We perform basic unit management (e.g.,: electricity consumption per compressor 1 cubic meter) of each facility.

[approach with versatility]

   Update to energy saving type that we become inverter of main facilities (compressor or coolant pump), and heat source facilities and compressor are premeditated, the plumbing, bar

  We perform thermal insulation such as bu, brisk lights out by office lighting pull switch installation.

[approach with organization characteristics]

   We hold environmental management Committee regularly and communalize other offices and information in the company.


・Jay ray Kitakyusyu Kumiai Shiryo Kumamoto factory

・Miraial Co., Ltd. Kumamoto office

・runesasusemikondakutamanyufakuchuaringu Kawajiri factory



<the second prize winner (2018)> ・NOK Corporation Kumamoto workplace

                ・Social welfare corporation royal gift foundation Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital

                           ・Nittetsu Sumikin energy service FFQ energy center (the order of the kana syllabary)

Commendation ceremony photograph

NOK Corporation Kumamoto workplace Deputy General Manager Oya (the second person from the left), social welfare corporation royal gift foundation Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital Furukyo (the third person from the left) who have testimonial in their hand, Nittetsu Sumikin energy service FFQ energy center Hayata (the right) and Taisuke Ono, deputy-governor (the left) of the prefecture



Achievement summary of prize winner

・NOK Corporation Kumamoto workplace


   We manufacture seal product including O ring and packing produced by high seal technology, industrial Rubber Department grade.

   As approach to environment, you establish environmental policy and build environmental management system in conformity with ISO14001 (International Standard about environment), and move into action  

  Need. We advocate "environmental load reduction (correspondence such as Paris agreements) that fixed its eyes on the next generation" in one of the environmental basic policies and act for environmental load reduction.

   In the workplace concerned, reduction of electricity consumption becomes important issue and develops operational measures that centered on air conditioner, utility, plant


[original approach]

   We attach facilities (eco-cooling ace) watering around outdoor unit of air conditioning and reduce heat load of outdoor unit. * which we established near production facility

  We lose air conditioning load in work place caused by exhaust heat of refrigerator by installing refrigerator for detailed cooling in in the ceiling. Room temperature change caused by heat radiation from electric furnace

  We partition off division installing electric furnace in with curtain to minimize influence of this.

[approach with versatility]

   Grasp the electricity use situation of plant unit (line unit), planning of effective energy saving measures by line unit and basic unit (CO2 total discharge/production amount of money) pipe

  We perform law of nature.

   It is calendar timer by operation of heat source facilities (molding machine) ※We manage by 1 and cut unnecessary wait time. Compressor ※It is inverter to 2 ※3

         We install this and by operating in combination compressor of the fixed-quantity output, adjust load of compressor and stop operation on holiday 


  The system is such that inside automatic door does not open when the outside does not close that automatic door of office entrance becomes double and reduces influence of fresh air.

[consciousness enlightenment others of the staff]

   In consultation with collection of energy saving ideas that belonging group provides, we carry out energy saving measures depending on characteristic of office. In addition, it is air conditioner, yuti

  We set riti, measures item in plants and target value and confirm progress quarterly in energy-saving subcommittee. It is restaurant with electricity monitor

  We install in entrance and perform consciousness enlightenment of employee. Based on production schedule, we assume electric consumption of the summer, and peak shifts ※We manage while considering 4.

  ※1 calendar timer …It is timer operating facilities in the same period every week

  ※2 compressors   …Compressor (machine compressing gas including air)

  ※3 inverters    …Power conversion equipment (device to convert into any frequency and voltage) using semiconductor

  ※4 peak shifts       …You put off time to use electricity, and suppress electricity consumption in electricity demand peak hour


・Social welfare corporation royal gift foundation Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital


   We work on medical care for environment and problem about society as social welfare corporation offering the welfare service positively.

  We make update plan to cope with deterioration of facilities and carry out large-scale facilities update. We control consumption of electric energy to account for majority of energy consumption

  In addition to facilities update measures, we carry out power saving measures that rolled up the whole staff to do.

[original approach]

   In central monitoring room, set annual driving schedule of heat source, air conditioner on the basis of change of outside temperature, and confirm weather each time, driving sukeju

  We revise ru.

[approach with versatility]

   Gas cogeneration system ※We introduce 1 and cut peak electricity as common use generator. In addition, we use exhaust heat for air conditioning and hot water supply

  teiru. As for the introduction of gas cogeneration system, introduction to hospital or hotel with heat demand is assumed. At the time of update of gas-style absorption-style refrigerator

  The same number introduces the same type of heat source facilities, and is electricity-type module chiller of low ability, high efficiency more ※It is line by the most suitable driving that introduces 2 newly, and accepted load

  We control i, energy consumption. We largely updated lighting to LED.

[in-hospital consciousness enlightenment others]

   In the power saving promotion system which assumed director the top, member of power saving promotion to consist of doctor, nurse of each department, the desk work staff promotes power saving measures of each department

  teiru. We may have a strong power saving awareness of director and have a strong power saving awareness in the whole hospital. By twice a day, in-hospital broadcast targeting at the staff, patients energy saving measures and

  We call for understanding, cooperation for promotion of global warming measure. In addition, we publish request of electricity consumption situation of the day before and the day and power saving measures in in-hospital portal,

  We perform enlightenment to the staff.

 ※1 gas cogeneration system …It is air conditioner, heating, hot water supply, steaming by heat to make electricity as fuel with city gas at necessary place, and to occur at the same time

                    System which is available in mind

 ※2 Electric-type module chiller      …Device to circulate water (liquid), and to cool objective sample or device (a part of the device), and to temperature-control


・Nittetsu Sumikin energy service FFQ energy center


    The office concerned is energy supply equipment in site of FUJIFILM Kyushu company. It is formed by electricity that generated electricity in gas turbine and exhaust heat boiler

  We supply steam which we did to FUJIFILM Kyushu.

   For the most suitable driving of facilities depending on energy demands accompanied with production of factories amount decrease, we devised modus operandi of facilities and improved synthesis efficiency.

[original approach]

 Gas turbine which is main facilities ※1 exhaust heat boiler ※It is duct burner to 2 ※Improve efficiency by to adopt 3, thermally recover, and kihakuyokongonen* ※4

It is NOX included in effluent gas in this more ※We were able to reduce 5. To steam demand for factory side, it is run gas turbine to get rid of useless facilities driving

We change number.

[approach with versatility]

 In consideration of lighting range that arranges lighting range with existing lighting setup on LED exchange of water disposal facility, and is appropriate from the viewpoint of security, energy saving, it is lighting setup

We changed placement point of this. In consideration of season and time, we stop lights out of lighting and air conditioning. To get rid of useless driving of demineralizer, to water supply flow rate

We set driving number that we accepted and establish optimization operation procedures and manage. Using steam leak measure, we trap steam once a year ※And 6

We perform leak check of bypass dialect.

[consciousness enlightenment others of the staff]

 We are based on energy manager and carry out energy saving activity by all the members participation by energy saving patrol. In addition, it is on from steam surplus than 2009

It supplies to hot water (Kikuyo-machi) of spa facility which prepares water, and is adjacent and contributes to reduction of kerosene consumption in the spa facility concerned.

※1 gas turbine   …Gas turbine engine to drive generator

※2 exhaust heat boilers    …Facilities which produce steam using effluent gas of gas turbine

※3 duct burners  …Facilities which add fuel (natural gas) to effluent gas duct, and increase quantity of steam generating

※4 kihakuyokongonen*    …Method to mix air and fuel gas beforehand, and to lower flame temperature with (excessive air) that fuel lacks

※5NOX          …Nitrogen (N2) in combustion air is oxidized, and, in the case of high temperature, combustion zone occurs

※6 steam traps …Apparatus to let you exhaust high warm water (drain) occurring by the steam plumbing outside system

・NOK Corporation Kumamoto workplace

・Social welfare corporation royal gift foundation Saiseikai  

 Kumamoto Hospital

・Nittetsu Sumikin energy service stocks 

 Company FFQ energy center

<the first prize winner (2017)> runesasusemikondakutapakkeji & test Solutions brocade factory

 The company's brocade factory producing semiconductors for cars largely reduces facilities trouble by to sense malfunction of production facility early, is connected for energy waste. We posted result such as energy saving or work efficiency improvement of each section on office, and approach to share was evaluated.

Commendation ceremony

runesasusemikondakutapakkeji & test to have testimonial in its hand

shinko*, manager (the right) of solutions brocade factory and Taisuke Ono, deputy-governor of the prefecture



Achievement summary of prize winner

 While we carry out overall equipment efficiency improvement activity that focused on poor reduction and stability operation of facilities to raise productivity of semiconductor for vehicle installation that is main product.
 In the office concerned, promote activity that merged vector of employee by effective information sharing method, in discharge reduction (energy saving and waste reduction) of greenhouse gas
We contribute.
 With plant, we pay our attention to rearranging of maintenance workbook and are disabled before by dismantling parts which there are a little less than 1,000, and making causation with malfunction clear, reaching trouble
Foresight of go is enabled and we reduce trouble rate 90% by early correspondence soon for ten years and connect with large reduction of energy.
 By making quality data and check result account book paperless, and accumulating as data, and having adopted automatic analysis, is sensing suruko by abnormality of state every each machine immediately
It greatly contributes to have become toga possibility.
 In addition, about plant facilities before update, we avoid waste by inverter setting and demand monitoring thoroughly. Particularly, kompu where has high energy utilization
By to have put pressure change sensor and servomechanism to Loesser, foresee change of pressure, and to be able to begin preliminary driving of machine of the preparation automatically,
We were able to reduce the full-scale useless preparation.
 In addition, lower ability based on warning of demand monitoring when you store using chill outside the night and seem to surpass ability of refrigerator that you suppress yo*fuku and set
We promote operation without waste to use former heat storage and utilize energy thoroughly.
 "It is easy to see" information about the current situation, plan, result of activities such as improvement in quality improvement, facilities reliability, personnel training visually for each section and devises and is posted on activity board of factory corridor and workshop of office, and we are updated frequently.
 In addition, "failure cost bankbook" which amount of money converted result of on-the-job failure and improvement activity into, "waste collecting bankbook" "is easy to catch eye", and it is said with handbook
It is gathered te, and horizontal development of example is carried out and leads to consciousness enlightenment of employee.
 On the groundwork of atmosphere breeding that improvement in consciousness improvement, will, employee of employee become as one as for such "it is easy to see" information that "is easy to catch eye" and work on activity
It becomes, and, with structure competing for improvement idea for each section, it is driving force of activity in the office concerned.
Factory corridorWorkshopBank book
Notice scenery of factory corridorNotice scenery of workshop(the left) waste collecting bankbook
(the right) failure cost bankbook



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