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Today karahajimeyo ecodrive

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In Kumamoto, we plan promotion of eco-friendly driving "ecodrive". As the part, "ka to see" does the driving situation with number and carries out relay tying "ecodrive diagnosis" to contribute to reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 discharge with company, group and individual.


With ecodrive

We reduce fuel consumption and CO2 discharge, and ecodrive is "driving technology" and "intention" to connect with prevention of global warming. In addition, ecodrive leads to reduction of traffic accident.

Driving with a little fuel consumption is safe driving that not only it is kind to wallet, but also fellow passenger can feel relieved.

It is intention of ecodrive which is also important for thing, this running for a space at thing, time to run about for heart for a space.

By making small consciousness custom, your driving changes, and society changes. hajimetemimasho, ecodrive.



Ecodrive diagnosis



We attach exclusive apparatus to vehicle, and "ka to see" does own driving situation.

Specifically, we attach ecodrive diagnosis apparatus to cigar socket of privately-owned car.



Diagnosis flow

In this year, by five people have you participate from each company, association in the prefecture and diagnose for about one month and carry out "ecodrive diagnosis relay" to succeed ecodrive diagnosis apparatus in next company, group. We will tell about state of implementation, result of diagnosis on homepage.


In addition, we accept about ecodrive diagnosis of personal person at any time.

For more details, please ask NPO corporation Kumamoto warming measures center.

TEL: 096-356-4840 FAX: 096-356-4842 E-mail:[email protected]



Stop warming! Ceremony where ecodrive diagnosis relay departs from

30 or more companies, groups in Kumamoto participated, and "ecodrive diagnosis relay" to aim at the spread of driving "ecodrive" in consideration for environment started on July 14. Starting expression was held in consumers' cooperative Kumamoto Kumamoto east branch (Koga, Mashiki-machi, Kamimashiki-gun), and ecodrive diagnosis apparatus was lent from Roasso (Roasso Kumamoto mascot character) to driver. Each company, five groups participate in start in Kumamoto consumers' cooperative federation during until January, 2018 and carry out diagnosis for each about one month. We develop ecodrive diagnosis while succeeding ecodrive diagnosis apparatus. We plan prize to company, group, individual that diagnosis result was excellent.


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Loan of ecodrive diagnosis apparatusEcodrive diagnosis participants


Representative and RoassoInstallation 1
Participant representative and RoassoRoasso to attach ecodrive diagnosis apparatus to


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