We raise "yoka boss companies"!

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Mon which supports the future of Kumamoto child

We raise yoka boss companies!


Subscription for 1 period

  We accept at any time.

Subscription for 2 eligible people

  Company and office, group, store which member continues in two or more, and act

3 application methods

  Manager and administrator of company and office carry out "yoka boss declaration", and please apply from the following site.

                merit who enrolls in "yoka boss company!"

      ・"yoka boss registration document" and "yoka boss pin badge" are presented to declarant of "yoka boss declaration"!
    ・"yoka boss club" can participate in new business exchange meeting between yoka boss companies.   
    ・As "yoka boss company", we are published in Facebook and homepage of prefectural Child’s Future Support Division.
・"yoka boss company" makes group and can receive subsidy for child care support project to work on voluntarily.
・System accepting asking of child care is available to employees of "yoka boss company" 24 hours a day, every day using AI and LINE.
・We can receive announcement of information and event about marriage and child care.
・"yoka boss company" which treated KUMAMON emblem is used by brochure of company profile, booth, homepage of job fair ground, business card of employee 
 We can do it.
 ※About use of emblem, we can apply at the time of the "yoka boss company" mentioned above application in addition.
"yoka boss company" registration documentyoka boss pin badge
"yoka boss company" registration document ※There is company name."yoka boss declaration pin badge" ※There is no box.




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