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The correspondence situation of the municipalities about house earthquake resistance support project

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Supporting conduct item of each municipality, inquiry, application

 The municipalitiesEarthquake-resistant repair designEarthquake-resistant repair workEarthquake-resistant repair set menu Rebuilding constructionRebuilding set menu Earthquake-resistant shelter constructionDepartment in charge Phone number  Homepage
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Kumamoto-shi○※1○※1○※1 ○※1 ○※1 ○※1 Building security promotion room 096-328-2449Page of businessWith new window
Yatsushiro-shi○ ○ Building Guidance Division 0965-33-4750Page of businessWith new window
Hitoyoshi-shi  City Planning Division 0966-22-2111 
Arao-shiDecember ... December ...  Building Housing Division0968-63-1498Page of public relations magazineWith new window
(H29 seven a year month issue P20) 
Minamata-shi○※2○※2 ○※2  City Planning Division0966-61-1621Page of businessWith new window
Tamana-shi○ ○  Public Building and Maintenance Division 0968-75-1311Page of businessWe open with the other window
Amakusa-shi○ ○  Architecture Division0969-32-6797Page of businessWith new window
Yamaga-shi○ ○  City Planning Division0968-43-1591Page of business We open with the other window
Kikuchi-shi   City Maintenance Division0968-25-7242 Page of businessWith new window
Uto-shi○ ○  City Maintenance Division0964-22-1111Page of businessWe open with the other window
Kamiamakusa-shi   City Maintenance Division0969-28-3366 Page of businessWe open with the other window
Uki-shi   City Maintenance Division0964-32-1694Page of businessWith new window
Aso-shi   December ...  Construction section0967-22-3187Page of businessWith new window
Koshi-shi    City Planning Division096-248-3855
Misato-machi○ ○ Construction section0964-47-1113Page of businessWith new window
Gyokuto-machi○    Construction section0968-85-3112
Nagomi-machi○ ○ ○ ○ Construction section0968-86-5726
Nankan-machi○ ○ ○ Construction section0968-57-8592
Nagasu-machi○ ○ ○ ○ Construction section0968-78-3241Page of businessWe open with the other window
Ozu-machi    City Planning Division096-293-4011Page of businessWe open with the other window
Kikuyo-machi     City Planning Division096-232-4927Page of businessWith new window
The municipalities Earthquake-resistant repair designEarthquake-resistant repair work Earthquake-resistant repair set menu Rebuilding construction  Rebuilding set menuEarthquake-resistant shelter construction Department in charge  Phone numberHomepage
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Minamioguni-machi  ○  ○ Construction section0967-42-1114Page of businessWith new window
Oguni-machi     Construction section0967-46-2114
Ubuyama-mura ○※2 ○※2  ○※2 ○※2Economic construction section0967-25-2213
Takamori-machi  ○  ○ Construction section0967-62-1111
Minamiaso-mura  ○ ○ ○ ○ Construction section0967-67-3178Page of businessWith new window
Nishihara-mura  ○  ○ Construction section096-279-3114
Mifune-machi  ○  ○ Construction section096-282-1312Page of businessWe open with the other window
Kashima-machi     Construction section096-237-2619Page of businessWe open with the other window
Mashiki-machi  ○  ○ Restoration business section096-289-8308
Kosa-machi  ○  ○ Construction section096-234-1183

Page of businessWe open with the other window

Yamato-cho  ○  ○ Construction section0967-72-1145Page of businessWe open with the other window
Hikawa-cho  ○  ○ The construction sewer section0965-52-5856
Ashikita-machi     Construction section0966-82-2511Page of businessWith new window
Tsunagi-machi     Promotion section0966-78-5540
Nishiki-machi ○※2 ○※2○※2  ○※2○※2 ○※2Local Maintenance Division0966-38-4418Page of businessWe open with the other window
Asagiri-cho ○※2 ○※2  ○※2 ○※2Construction section0966-45-7221
Taragi-machi ○※2 ○※2○※2  ○※2○※2 ○※2Environmental Maintenance Division0966-42-1259Page of businessWe open with the other window
Yunomae-machi ○※2 ○※2○※2  ○※2○※2 ○※2Construction water supply section0966-43-4111Page of businessWe open with the other window
Mizukami-mura  ○  ○ Construction section0966-44-0315
Sagara-mura     Construction section0966-35-1035
Itsuki-mura ○※2 ○※2○※2  ○※2○※2 ○※2Construction section0966-37-2017
Yamae-mura ○※2 ○※2  ○※2 ○※2Construction section0966-23-6449
Kuma-mura  ○  ○ Construction section0966-32-1116Page of businessWe open with the other window
Reihoku-machi ○※2 ○※2 ○※2  ○※2General Administration Division0969-35-1111Page of businessWe open with the other window

It may be the end of the offer in cases that reached budget in before from deadline for offer mentioned above.

※Condition of 1 architecture time: We started construction before May 31, 2000.

※Condition of 2 architecture time: We started construction before May 31, 1981.



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