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About "Kumamoto national domain is tough regional plan"

   Because "country contributing to emergency management, genwazawaito to strongly plan realization of flexible people's life is tough, and it is enforced the promulgation, and fundamental law" comprises promotion of country tough measure for natural disasters in the basic principles on a large scale in December, 2013, conduct that general, is premeditated of measure to contribute to prior emergency management, genwazawai and quick restoration revival is important, and, in the country, it is said that we contribute to improvement in international competitiveness. In addition, "country is tough and devises basic plan" to plan general and premeditated promotion of measure that national domain is tough in June, 2014, and the first review is performed after development in December, 2018 and pushes forward the making of country which it comprised for natural disasters on a large scale.
 "Kumamoto country was tough and, in this prefecture, devised regional plan" based on trend of such a country on October 26, 2017 in future to promote the making of Kumamoto who was strongly security/safety for disaster to minimize the damage under the recognition that great disaster such as Kumamoto earthquake and Kumamoto wide area flooding harm could occur again where, and to be connected to quick restoration revival steadily.
 In addition, of disaster in late years was frequent, and was tough, and received, and revised of plan in March, 2020 to raise practice characteristics of plan, and specified business or business point individually; "was tough, and added list of approaches based on promotion policy".



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