2017 "spread, enlightenment poster about household wastewater measures" production

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We produced "the spread, enlightenment poster about 2017 household wastewater measures"!


What are "household wastewater measures?"

  We from restroom, bath, kitchen per every day with 200 liters, plastic bottle (500 mL) as for 400 duty "dirty water"

  We drain (household wastewater).

  When household wastewater to drain from home casually is just drained into river and the sea, of water pollution big; cause.

  Therefore, in Kumamoto Sewage Environmental Management Division, to protect beautiful river and sea, to citizens of the prefecture connection to the sewer facilities and change to merger septic tank,

   We ask for various measures not to divert oil to outlet port, and to be possible at home.


Poster "important "way of water." as for the sewer

  We put together on "day of the sewer" of September 10 and produced poster of household wastewater measures newly.

  So that more citizens of the prefecture can see, based on inclusion cooperation agreement with Kumamoto, is sebunirebun Japan

   We are posted at the prefecture store from cause, September, 2017 of cooperation of Kumamoto District office.

  In addition, we plan notice in Kumamoto related facility.

  Check it out!


"Way of water" where the sewer is important.
        "To make one cup of tempura oil tablespoon water which fish can live in,
        Water (4,500 liters) of 25,000 cups of glasses is required."







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Department of Civil Engineering Sewage Environmental Management Division
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