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About "Kumamoto BCP supporter"

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1. Purpose

 We publicize the need of BCP (business continuity plan) so that the preparation to earthquake or other disasters advances in medium and small-sized business in Kumamoto and the small company (we say "small and medium sized enterprise operators" as follows.), and strong company group is formed for disaster and train human resources ("Kumamoto BCP supporter") supporting BCP development.


2. Summary of Kumamoto BCP supporter


 (1) Eligible people

    We assume the staff of group which usually supports the prefecture small and medium sized enterprise operators more, license qualified person.

          (e.g.,: business and industry 3 group, Kumamoto industry support foundation, credit guarantee association, financial institution, small and medium size company doctor)

 (2) About supporter

 [1] Main activity contents to expect

     Oh, it is publicized the need of BCP for small and medium sized enterprise operators of BCP non-development

     Advice when i small and medium sized enterprise operators devise BCP

     Advice for approach to raise BCP review, update and effect such as small enterprisers out of cormorant

     Oh, intelligence to contribute to BCP development support such as small and medium sized enterprise operators and reporting

     When small and medium sized enterprise operators who played osapoto devise BCP, reporting to the prefecture

     Invitation (we take lectures as needed with company) to workshop of ka company

       Flyer (for companies) for development support: Let's devise BCP! [November making] (PDF: 903.4 kilobytes) We open with the other window



    [2] To become "supporter"

      Attend workshop (say "workshop" as follows.) for the "supporter" training, and usually close about BCP

             We make it a condition that we try for improvement in nature.



       ・ If it is workshop along curriculum for supporter training, state of things of name of sponsor of workshop and workshop does not matter.

       ・ "Kumamoto BCP supporter" does not mean person having public qualification.

                      In addition, attendance completion of workshop assumes self-assessment, use of name of "Kumamoto BCP supporter" (publications to business card),

        Please go under the self-responsibility. (we do not perform list management in the prefecture.)


3. About the supporter training training

   Proportion of BCP development finished of medium and small-sized business in conjunction with Kumamoto earthquake is 10. Because it remains in 4% (than influence report of investigation (March, 2017 Cabinet Office) of Kumamoto earthquake about business continuation of company), hurdle of development is low, and, for the prefecture, the basics of BCP promote BCP development of controlled "guide class" for small and medium sized enterprise operators, and it considers to make BCP widely available in form that it comprised effect that necessary.

In addition, as we think that it is necessary to pile up side (medium and small-sized business supporter) that side (administration) planning the supporter training attends from basic understanding to BCP, we hold "the supporter training training" (guide) in this year and do in contents which aimed for what "can support BCP development of guide class".




4. Others

  We will provide exclusive business card format to be able to utilize to person who became supporter.

 Business card example 1Business card example 2





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