Toyono, Uki-shi elementary and junior high school

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Toyono, Uki-shi elementary and junior high school

Toyono, Uki-shi elementary and junior high school
Toyono, Uki-shi elementary and junior high school
Toyono, Uki-shi elementary and junior high school

Toyono, Uki-shi elementary and junior high school

Toyono, Uki-shi elementary and junior high school

Building summary

It is one facility which Toyono elementary and junior high school utilizes junior high school site, school building of neighborhood in rebuilding of elementary school, and performed extension and/or alteration-shaped combined elementary and junior high school. We used classroom and gymnasium in common and maintained effectively, and educational effect to cope with was expected by consistent education especially to gaps such as school refusal in the first year of junior high school. Existing junior high school performs seismic strengthening and partial repair. Koizumi atelier and joint venture of SDA architecture design won design.


School building ridge and gymnasium ridge which run side by side with two lines on junior high school site, and were located exist. New school building becomes form filling gap becoming the rest. As a result, it is plane shape surrounded with gentle curve that envelope has external form of existing structure. We build one piece of roof with slow ups and downs over the plane. Ups and downs were arrived at from the ceiling height along function of the stock. Even if roof builds needle of wooden laminated lumber over one direction and is where in the school building, lengthening roof is seen in various directions. We bring about sense called bottom of one roof at the same time as spread is felt and are roof breeding a sense of unity of child, student.

Format enclosing space with this gentle curve is thing which fixed its eyes on temporal axes. In the case of rebuilding of the next junior high school school building, trace of conventional school building will be left outside of school building built this time.

We tie old and new buildings physically and join feeling of primary and secondary student together. And it is school architecture "tying" playing its part joining memory together to the future. 


Building data

Name Toyono, Uki-shi elementary and junior high school

Location 3536, Toyonomachiitoishi, Uki-shi

Main use elementary schools, junior high schools

Business-based Uki-shi Board of Education

Designer Masao Koizumi +SDA architecture drawing office


 Building: (the first construction) Masunaga Gumi, (the second construction) Toda, Takesue identification construction joint venture

 Electricity, air conditioning, hygiene: KYUDENKO, outward appearance: Okumura construction

27,408.12 square meter of plottage

4,204.76 square meter of building area

A total of 5,169.82 square meter in area (we include some repair)

Number of floors the first floor of the ground (reconstruction ridge), the second floor (repair) above the ground

Part of structure steel reinforced concrete steel-frame building (skeleton) + wooden construction (roof)


 Roof: Stainless steel seam welding method

 Place behind the eaves: Fiber mixture calcium silicate board

 Outer wall: Concrete strong beat repair + pro-impregnation coloration water repellency materials, makeup form concrete strong beat + pro-impregnation coloration water repellency materials, pro-ceramics siding + impregnation system coloration water repellency materials, brick tile

Construction period

 The first construction: From January, 2012 to April, 2012, the second construction: From April, 2012 to March, 2013

Total construction cost 57 1 million yen (the first), 750 1 million yen (the second)


Architect profile

Masao Koizumi
Masao Koizumi (dark)

It is co-founding in coelacanth during University of Tokyo Graduate School attendance at school for 1,986 years

Masters degree course in academy completion university's for 1,988 years

Assistant professor at 2001 - Tokyo Metropolitan University Graduate School

2005 Koizumi atelier establishment

Assistant Professor 2010 - capital university Tokyo graduate school city environmental science graduate course architecture, doctor (engineering)


Main work

ashitanoie, Toda City Ashihara Elementary School, Mihama, Chiba-shi culture hall, health welfare center, Zonohana Park/terrace, LCCM house demonstration ridge

Receiving a prize

2004 second sasutinaburu house small Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport prize, Architectural Institute of Japan work recommendation

2005 2008 Japan authorized architect meeting federation prize for encouragement

2009 thirteenth public building prize award for excellence, the 55th Kanagawa building contest award for excellence, the 22nd AACA prize award for excellence


SDA architecture drawing office (Kumamoto-shi)

Main work

Prefectural Obiyama second housing complex, Kumamoto Nissan motor PARAISO, Amakusa technical high school training ridge, gymnasium (JV), Misato-machi center general gymnasium, Takamori municipality Takamori Junior High School, Taragi municipality Taragi elementary school others

Receiving a prize

1987 Kokudo Kensetsu week Minister of Construction commendation

2002, 2003, 2005 Kumamoto wood association federation prize

2012 Kumamoto forestry owners' association federation prize



Open call for participants type proposal

 25 application

 Examination (5 person selection) primary on November 20, 2008

 Examination (publicly) second on December 07, 2008

Highest award Koizumi atelier +SDA

Award for excellence Nobuaki Furuya + Kumamoto University Tomoyuki Tanaka laboratory

Primary examination selection person

 Company Yoshihiko Iida architecture studio

 Coelacanth K&H

 Yamashita Sekkei Inc. Kyushu branch office




General view Perth

Inhabitants participation workshop

 The first Toyono gallery opening ceremony

 The second such workshop which we want to teach

 Let's bring up school in the third Toyono

 Child of kenshu rou Toyono stands with all the fourth






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