The sum water municipality Mikawa elementary and junior high school

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The sum water municipality Mikawa elementary and junior high school elementary and junior high school

In photograph looking at the lower grades ridge from ground for the lower grades: Modern architecture company offer

The gymnasium inside
The gymnasium outside

The entrance


Building summary

It is new unification school building of 3 local elementary schools planned in site of existing junior high school.

By locating new school building of wooden one-storied house in the east side ground of existing school building, children who varied in build difference established ground for the lower grades that could live a life safely. In addition, we utilized local wood and natural energy and it was comfortable and aimed at realization of high school building of environment, disaster prevention performance.

We made use of difference in elevation of existing school building and ground and placed classroom and classroom of the upper grades of elementary school repaired the first-floor part of the existing school building and performed interior lignification.

Craze for collection of solar heat ventilation system is equipped with in wooden new establishment school building and indoor athletic ground, and heating and ventilation of the winter season are achieved. Rain which it rains on roof of indoor athletic ground is collected in retention tank of floor lower pit of classroom via rainwater tank and uses as lavation of restroom.


"We bundle up, and stack materials" adopt structure system which put angle brace together pure materials of cedar as structure plan and, using material that it is 10m or less about constant shaku materials of 4m and 6m, indoor athletic ground in the classroom, constitute beam and two angle braces in combination with three, four depending on span and stress.

It merged indoor athletic ground with school building and used wood of 700㎥, but it was that process of processing relied on technique of the carpenter leader. Because it is system which angle brace turns angle, and supports such a roof in kan*hai, means of junction of each wood are different. Ink effect deleted small dimensions that were with millimeter that CAD told or less of and might realize process to process only in this country which had treasure called carpenter.

Special school building where local wood and technique of carpenter were felt was completed.



Building data

Name: The sum water municipality Mikawa elementary and junior high school
The location: 1001, Itakusu, Nagomi-machi, Tamana-gun, Kumamoto
Main uses: Elementary school, junior high school
The business main constituent: Nagomi-machi
Designer: NNSH design community (Masamitsu Nozawa + Kyoichi Nakamura + Masahide Shibata + Hiroko Higashiomori)

 Building: Motoyama construction, Sanwa Kensetsu, Utsunomiya construction

 Electricity: Masaoki Electric firm, Ariake electric facilities
 Machine: Nitto systems, kou tech

Plottage: 38,179.50 square meter
Building area: 2,147.88 square meter (wooden school building + indoor athletic ground)
     1,615.30 square meter (existing repair school building)
Deferred floor space: 1,965.18 square meter (wooden school building + indoor athletic ground)
     4,176.15 square meter (existing repair school building)
Number of floors: The first floor (wooden school building + indoor athletic ground) above the ground
Structure: Wooden construction
Outside finish: Roof (wooden school building) Galvalume batten seam roofing 
     Roof (indoor athletic ground) Galvalume vertical goby roofing
     Outer wall (wooden school building) sugiban* t=15 wood protection paint application
               Galvalume sandwich panel
     Outer wall (indoor athletic ground) Galvalume 
               Vertical goby roofing
Construction period: From January, 2013 to July, 2013 (wooden school building + indoor athletic ground)
     From August, 2013 to December, 2013 (repair such as junior high school school buildings)
Total construction cost: 685 1 million yen

Architect profile

Masamitsu Nozawa (nozawamasamitsu)
It was born in Tokyo for 1,944 years
We are a graduate from Tokyo art university art department architecture department for 1,969 years
1974 Masamitsu Nozawa building studio establishment
     Musashino Art University guest professor

Main work

 Tachikawa-shi government building, hill Museum of Kazuo Iwamura picture book,
   Love agriculture garden agricultural high school (main building reproduction construction + wooden construction school building)
Receiving a prize

 The prize for 2002 JIA environment architecture highest award 
 2007 good design prize
 2012 Architectural Institute of Japan work recommendation



Kyoichi Nakamura (nakamurakyoichi)
It was born in Nagasaki for 1,951 years
Nagasaki Shipyard University architecture subject is a graduate for 1,974 years
1982 Kyoichi Nakamura design room establishment
We are reorganized in 2011 by building first class authorized architect office

Main work

 Fukusaya Matsugae store, global environment experiment house, Kichijima house Nabeshima cotton carpet museum 
Receiving a prize

 2003 Japan quotient environmental design award for excellence
 2003 good design prize
 Prize for 2004 JIA environment architecture

Masahide Shibata (shibatamasahide)
It was born in Kumamoto for 1,958 years
Hosei University department of engineering architecture subject is a graduate for 1,982 years
1992 UL design room establishment

Main house of three angles of works, Kumamoto Prefectural Prefectural Agricultural College dormitory, house of Tamukae, rural district house
Receiving a prize

 2000 fourth JIA Kumamoto house prize prize for encouragement)
 2002 sixth JIA Kumamoto house prize
 2005 ninth JIA Kumamoto house prize member of a selection committee prize

Hiroko Higashiomori (Higashio baby-siting Hiro comes)
It was born in Kumamoto for 1,952 years
Nagasaki Shipyard University department of engineering architecture subject is a graduate for 1,974 years
Design room establishment between 1980 Hiroko Higashiomori space-time

Council house, kiikuhoikuen in front of the main work bath, stream Choanji
Receiving a prize

 Member of 1991 19th Japan authorized architect society federation exhibition award for excellence
 1997 first JIA Kumamoto house prize



[completion visit meeting]


 Date and time Tuesday, February 18, 2014 from 13:30 to 15:00
 Place 1001, Itakusu, Nagomi-machi, Tamana-gun (the sum water municipality Mikawa elementary and junior high school)
 Sponsorship Kumamoto
 Person concerned with eligible people construction (general person can participate, too)
 Explainer (the sum water municipality Mikawa elementary and junior high school designer)
       Masamitsu Nozawa (architect/Masamitsu Nozawa architecture studio)
       Kyoichi Nakamura (architect/building first class authorized architect office)
       Masahide Shibata (architect/UL design room)
       Hiroko Higashiomori (design room between architect/Hiroko Higashiomori space-time)

 We deepened understanding to art police project and, for the purpose of improvement of knowledge as engineer, held completion visit meeting for people concerned with construction.

 We gave visit party to Masamitsu Nozawa, Kyoichi Nakamura, Masahide Shibata, Hiroko Higashiomori of designer and had you explain from Toyohiko Yamabe (Yamabe structure drawing office) of structure designer, and 150 people participated when we included the person concerned.
 It was considerably cold day, but had voice that we were able to observe school building and gymnasium by OM solar system comfortably warmly on that day. In addition, about structure design of wooden school building which used a lot of regional materials, we had you do detailed description by Yamabe and had impression that it was studied very much by participant. 


[open call for participants type proposal]

 18 application

 Examination (5 person selection) primary on October 23, 2011

 Examination (publicly) o second on November 23, 2011: Nagomi-machi Mikawa public hall

  The highest award NNSH design community

  Award for excellence Yoshitake, ring duties joint venture

  Fine work

   baopuran Kumamoto

   Nakagawa architecture drawing office

   Hiraku Nakamura/Akihiro Kinoshita/Tomohiko Amamiya/Hidehiro Atobe


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