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To use consumer service center, consultation counter

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Department of Environment and Residential Life Consumer Information and Counselling Division (consumer service center) 
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What kind of engines are Q consumer service center and consumer life consultation counter? In addition, what kind of one which we can talk about is it?

A consumer life consultation is consultation about contract trouble with consumers and company or products, Quality of Service trouble.

 Also, consumer life consultation desk is established by all municipalities and we are consulted in telephone or interview from inhabitants and, in Kumamoto, touch prefectural consumer service center and 14 consumer service centers. It is the most imminent consultation counter when we encountered trouble for consumers.

 Advisory Specialist for Consumer Affairs (as follows "counselor") thinks about correspondence method for solution when consumers talk with proprietor about with consumers and, in consumer service center, advises for respect for right of consumers and support of independence. We hear circumstances as needed in company and perform "mediation" to have place of talks of company with consumers.

 But we will do help for solution to the problem through "advice" and "mediation" as counselor does not have legal compelling force and power of attorney.

 In addition, in the case of consultation, we can receive consultation smoothly when we have you prepare information about contract and warranty, brochure.

 In addition, in prefectural consumer service center, we carry out free law conference by lawyer or judicial scrivener regularly.

 Please feel free to contact to prefectural consumer service center or the living municipalities without being troubled alone if we think that it is, "that is strange".

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Department of Environment and Residential Life Consumer Information and Counselling Division (consumer service center)
Telephone: 096-333-2309
Fax: 096-383-0998
Email [email protected]
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