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Is cooling off not made by mail order?

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We offered cooling off to proprietor right after arrival without liking product which we purchased by Q net mail order, but were declined. Can you not do it?

A We generally sell door-to-door with cooling off (the following koph), and when we have made a contract to judge calmly with being of quite a recent date, we give consumers time to cool head, and to reconsider, and termination in unconditionality is applied to Specified Commercial Transactions Law only for prescribed business in system to admit by surprise-like methods such as the visit purchase, telephone invitation sale if inner for a certain period of time.

  "Mail orders" such as net mail order and television shopping, sale with newspaper ad become inapplicable to koph and will follow that when proprietor establishes special contract about deadlines for right or wrong and return of goods of return of goods. We count from day when we received and can return goods only when there is not special contract if it is less than eight days. But the return of goods postage is charged to consumers. We will confirm regulations about return of goods properly before purchasing.

  In addition, besides, we give specific continuous labor (beauty treatment salon service or learning lesson to continue for a certain period of time more than 50,000 yen) and are provided with object of koph even if pyramid selling (multilevel distributionship), duties offer inducement sale transactions (fraudulent business practices trying to sell training and supplies) are the store purchase. As for pyramid selling, the duties offer inducement sale, less than 20 days, others apply to proposal within 8th after receipt of documents.

  Please consult with consumer life consultation counter of prefectural consumer service center and each municipality about koph by small application condition of koph and other law.

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Department of Environment and Residential Life Consumer Information and Counselling Division (consumer service center)
Telephone: 096-333-2309
Fax: 096-383-0998
Email [email protected]
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