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The prominent skill was tied to natural materials in the land, and crafts have been produced. That did living of people more wealthily and it was moistened and continued giving heart and has been brought up.

Item: Konoha monkey Board sumo doll Woman form who does not get up Flat firing of water Maruo ware Uchida Sarayama firing High steaming a whole fish Yamaga garden lantern Higo bow Japanese sword Carving with a single knife Flower mat Kawashiri pail Hitoyoshi turnery

Konoha monkey (konohazaru)

We keep off evil disease misfortune with tradition craft with history of 1300 and are said to be guardian angel of couple harmony, descendant prosperity. We arrest people's minds that very lovely expression that was lost in jocularity with hand bineri, unglazed simple unglazed earthenware vessel toy sees and do not keep away. In the early period of Taisho era, we become east original yokozuna in folk toy ranking list.

Photograph of Konoha monkey

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Board sumo doll (itazumouningyo)

ryokushishima ka sakiutaro which was not inferior to yokozuna of Edo said to have lived in the town of Hinagu now in the times of the Tenpo era 130 years ago was made by model. We cut piece of board of paulownia in form of sumo wrestler, and it is simple thing which we paint sumi, mawashi in red and blue and just divided hair into, but there is fun for movement that is ever-changing funny (funny).

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Woman form who does not get up (woman form)

Maid at hot springs (yuna) of reputation does not get up in beautiful women whom there was in culture, Bunsei. We were made to convey the beautiful figure. It was clay idol, but changed to thing which sharpened current board at the start as it was fragile. It is a kind of kokeshi doll doll with tradition for a little less than 200 years.

Board sumo doll and money woman form

Board sumo doll (the left) woman form who does not get up (the right)

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Flat firing (mizunodairayaki) of water

Sea cucumber glaze (we say sea cucumber) ancestor "flat firing of water" is open kiln in 1765 (Meiwa 2). It is one of the things which are representative in ceramics with much agar-agar known as production center of clay for chinaware from the old days. Because difference of temperature brings change of product, it is said to unique technique called "red sea cucumber glaze" and "blue sea cucumber glaze" that thing of the same color is exclusive.

Photograph of flat firing of water

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Maruo ware (we envy circle)

It is open kiln in terminal 1845 (Koka 2) of the Edo era. We made jar and soy sauce bottles with red earth of quality of clay around Maruo ka kiln mainly. We shipped to various places throughout the prefecture and, in the Meiji era, were also called "bottle shop" of Amakusa. We name Maruo ware from the third generation. It is the fifth generation and is made mainly on tableware every day now.

Photograph of Maruo ware

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Uchida Sarayama firing

In 1970, traditional technique is restored by piece of Old Sue. Such as slightly bluish curio is tasteful, and painting to enhance innocence is vivid. We take in modern design and ceramics have high popularity as tableware and use clay for chinaware, material of all the clay hometown every day. In addition, rare "spider holes" are produced in the whole country.

Photograph of Uchida Sarayama firing

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High steaming a whole fish (juhokama)

High broiled which we use only the whitest stone including almost none of the iron content in Amakusa clay for chinaware for as material. We were exported to the Netherlands at the time of founding of 1762. Painting of indigo blue is traditional style, but the design continues changing with sensitivity of the times on white skin.

Photograph of high steaming a whole fish

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Yamaga garden lantern (yamagatourou)

It is made with room, and, including gold garden lantern of pattern, there are shrine-style, birdcage, court-cow-carriage crest and various works, but it is said that used materials suffer from the acquisition only with paper and paste for ten years. Work of art which concentrated this technique is always displayed in Yamaga garden lantern folk handicraft hall of Yamaga-shi.

Photograph of Yamaga garden lantern

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Higo bow (higoyumi)

Matsunaga (prefectural holder of an important intangible cultural property) of Ashikita-machi where leading figure who continues keeping high level of Kyudo of Kumamoto is the name of "Saburo Higo", and is got close to. This excellent bow which had strength of Satsuma man and taste of Kyoto bow attracts attention from Kyudo fans of the whole country now.

Photograph of Saburo Higo bow

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Japanese sword (the truth)

It is old and propers with the Kikuchi clan, and, including Tanuki (raccoon dog which how is) in pursuit of only function as buyokatana, swordmaker who emigrated with Higo entry of the Hosokawas leaves many fine swords. Several swordmakers polish the skill even now.

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Carving with a single knife (ittoubori)

Simple toy which consisted only of plane because it was carved only using flat sword. Thing which took root in native district such as "otemo doll" "baby sitting song of Itsuki" and thing in connection with the sexagenary cycle are made now.

Photograph of carving with a single knife

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Flower mat

We dye rush proud of the best amount of production in Japan and tucked in pattern, and in late years beauty, cool feeling are reviewed some other time, and production increases, too.

Photograph of flower mat

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Kawashiri pail (you know river, and put)

By joinery brought up by Kawajiri that brewing and dyeing business ever developed as the pivot of transportation by water, it is necessities in sushi bars even now. We are strong, and one lasts a long time for careful handcrafting, and fan of outside the prefecture is many perfect gems each.

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Hitoyoshi turnery (people quit and go down thing)

Turnery which cut builds up is made with potter's wheel with choice woods such as abundant zelkova or mulberry as materials in Hitoyoshi. Grain of wood that this is beautiful like Hitoyoshi furniture and the warm feel are popular what.

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