Vol.5 (H29.11 moon issuance) where "Kumamoto de commits" employment reporting email of Kumamoto

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Kumamoto de acts


 Employment reporting email of Kumamoto

┃In ku ┃┃ ma ┃┃, ┃┃ and ┃┃ de ┃┃ are ┃┃ ta ┃┃ and others ┃┃ ku┃ 

               Vol. 5

   H29. November issuance Kumamoto labor employment construction section


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This is ┃ ku ┃ ji, too┃

[1] [entrance fee for free] Internship matching fair holding of Kumamoto spring

[2] [entrance fee for free] Under recruitment of "Kyushu, Yamaguchi carrier Café @ Shibuya" participants!


[1] [entrance fee for free] Internship matching fair holding of Kumamoto spring

 ●In January, acquire difference in February! Kumamoto de internship
 In the prefecture understanding promotion for the prefecture companies such as university students
 For the purpose of planning, "it is intanshi of Kumamoto spring
 It is decision suruta in ppu and internship acceptance
 meno "internship matching of Kumamoto spring
 We carry out fair.


 Characteristic of this internship gives fruit in November
 It is interchange by ru "Kumamoto spring matching fair"
 Hmm, with ship offer company beforehand communication
 When we take and can decide inter-ship ahead
 It is about time when.


 This now; "intanshippuma of Kumamoto spring
 It recruits participants of chingufea.


 We want to know the prefecture company including blight company (※)
 In whom including people, person who will begin company study from now on
 You can apply for this. kuda to come and join


[the date and time]
 Saturday, November 25, 2017, 26th Sunday
 From 10:00 to 17:30 (9:00 acceptance start)


 The second floor of Kumamoto Nihon Shimbun hall
 (172, Yoyasucho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi)


[eligible people]
 University (hospital), junior college, higher vocational school, special vocational school
 It is targeted for whole school student led by graduand of this in 2019


[participant companies]
 Company which is available for internship with work location in Kumamoto
 [100 exhibition decision!]


[application method]
 From internship of official site Kumamoto spring
 Before thing please register.


[internship effective time of Kumamoto spring]
 Of from Monday, January 15, 2018 to Friday, March 2
 Day when target company is acceptable in period
※For selection process future as for this internship
 There is no influence entirely.


 Kumamoto, Kumamoto region COC+ promotion meeting 


Contact information
 Kumamoto Nihon Shimbun duties promotion station Kumamoto support project is in a room
 The internship administration secretariat of Kumamoto spring
 Charge: Miyazaki, Inoue
 Telephone: 096-361-3022 email: [email protected] 


 ※With blight company
 It is image sururumono in black company and company of opposite poles
 Well, working person shines lively and we work in peace and continue
 It is rareru company. (coined word of Kumamoto)



[2] [entrance fee for free] Under recruitment of "Kyushu, Yamaguchi carrier Café @ Shibuya" participants!

 ●Real Kyushu, Yamaguchi whom internship life and younger staff member recite


 Kyushu, eight prefectures of Yamaguchi and the economic world are fruits all in one body this summer
 It is san for "Kyushu, Yamaguchi combination internship" that we gave
 It is * in company of result announcement of student whom we added and Kyushu, Yamaguchi
 It is Tokyo in panel discussion by ku younger staff member
 We hold in capital Shibuya-ku.

 Kyushu, Yamaguchi carrier Café @ Shibuya
 Real Kyushu, Yamaguchi ... which ... internship life and younger staff member talk about


[the date and time]
 Saturday, November 18, 2017 from 13:30 to 16:30
 ※- exchange meeting is held for reception desk from 13:00 to 16:30


 TKP garden city the fourth floor of Shibuya hall 4C


 Result announcement (going to announce around three) of Part 1 internship participant
 It is talk live Part 2 Kyushu, Yamaguchi to be frank!
     (around three companies of Kyushu, Yamaguchi are going to go on the platform)
 Part 3 exchange meeting


[eligible people]
 Person who is interested in living and work in Kyushu, Yamaguchi is who, but


 Participation for free
 Business site "Kyushu, Yamaguchi Kirari ☆ hakken"


 Kyushu, Yamaguchi UIJ turn young man employment promotion meeting
 (Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Yamaguchi)


Contact information
 Kyushu, Yamaguchi oldness and the young people's employment promotion business administration secretariat
 Telephone: 03-3545-7330 email: [email protected] 



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 ●That "Kumamoto de acts" susume of prefecture employment?
  To realize local construction of this prefecture, the prefecture employment promotion of young fellow
 It is prefecture High School in approach information of the prefecture for return current promotion of outside the prefecture human resources
 We hope for reporting from the prefecture in student and the protector who graduated from this
 We introduce to done all of you at any time.

 ●Cancellation of change, delivery of mail delivery from this

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