About the Kumamoto prefecture version GAP certification

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    About the Kumamoto prefecture version GAP certification

    We authenticated about the following producer. (as of May, 2020)



List of people of certification

 The certification number The municipalities name of a village       Producer name   Item name      Reference (TEL) 
17-003Yatsushiro-shiPlay JA guy; county gardening department old Tomato mini-tomatoPlay 0965-39-7227 JA guy; fujihonomei
18-001 Yamato-choGreen farm Yabe 


Carrot, garlic

Onion, potato which works

080-5375-2480 green farm Yabe

         Koji Nishiyama

18-002Kumamoto-shiThe Tenmei era mini-tomato production control association Mini-tomato096-227-4300 JA kumahonshitakeseisagata
18-003 Hitoyoshi-shiThe Kuma River GAP promotion meeting 

kansho, cabbage

Eggplant, okra, leek

Melon, spinach

Cucumber that this is stinking


Sweet corn

Do, citrus fruit

Mandarin orange

0966-22-4316 isumi hontenseon*shi
18-004Oguni-machiCompany lower nest field farm output Japanese radish, kansho0967-32-8117 lower nest field farm output Hiroaki Kojin 
18-005Yamaga-shiKamoto agricultural cooperative strawberry GAP promotion meeting Strawberry0968-41-5141 JA Kamoto Ikuma Uemura 
18-006 Yatsushiro-shiPlace utility cooperative association where we play JA guy, and tomato sorts fruits Tomato mini-tomato Play 0965-39-7227 JA guy; Koji Furushima 
18-007 Yatsushiro-shiJA guy place where we do, and northern vegetables fruit sorts fruits
Utility cooperative association 
Tomato mini-tomatoPlay 0965-52-0300 JA guy; Shoji Yamada
18-008 Yatsushiro-shinojikumigohojinhachikyoren Tomato mini-tomato

0965-37-1779 nojikumigohojinhachikyoren


18-009Hitoyoshi-shiHitoyoshi mushroom production association We come, and jellyfish is similar

0966-32-9634 Hitoyoshi mushroom production association

         Reiko Yoneda 

18-011Kikuchi-shi Kumamoto Prefectural Kikuchi agricultural high school Rice

0968-38-2621 Kikuchi agricultural high school

         Agriculture department crops charge

18-012Kikuchi-shiJA Kikuchi burdock sectional meeting GAP workshop Burdock 

0968-24-1141 JA Kikuchi burdock sectional meeting

         Hiroshi Yamaguchi


Minamiaso farm


0967-67-2111 Minamiaso farm

         Soichiro Arai 

19-003Yatsushiro-shiPlay guy; green sectional meetingRice

Play 0965-46-0185 guy; green sectional meeting

         Kazuhisa Matsuura

19-004Reihoku-machi Reihoku-machi agricultural cooperative GAP promotion societyLettuce 

0969-35-2174 JA reihoku Hiroshi Ota

19-005Yatsushiro-shi Yamahira Come; jellyfish 

0965-52-5413 Yamahira

         Junko Funamoto 

19-006 Kumamoto-shi Wholesale Nakamura fruit We come, and jellyfish is similar 096-323-2913 wholesale Nakamura fruit
         Hiroki Hamasaki 
19-007 Amakusa-shi Judicial agricultural union Icchoda bottom Rice 0969-76-1100 judicial agricultural union Icchoda bottom
         Representative director Akihiro Hirano 
19-008 Yamaga-shi Part specialized in Kamoto agricultural cooperative house mandarin orange Mandarin orange The 0968-41-5183 JA Kamoto farming Facility Planning Division
         Fruit tree chief Minoru Uchida  
19-009 Kumamoto-shi Kumamoto shiitake agricultural cooperative Raw wood shiitake

096-380-3300 Kumamoto shiitake agricultural cooperative

         Hitoshi Takubo 

19-010 Yamato-cho With Mt. Higo Carrot 

With Mt. 0967-72-0565 Higo

         Shuichi Haruki 

19-011 Yatsushiro-shi Play JA guy; gardening department strawberry expert committee Strawberry Play 0965-52-0300 JA guy; Hiroyuki Koga 
19-012 Tamana-shi JA tamana GAP meeting Tomato mini-tomato 0968-72-5516 JA tamana Masahiro Ueda 
19-013 Minamiaso-mura Aso health farm Strawberry, basil 

0967-63-8500 Aso health farm

         Makoto Nishihata 

20-001Nishiki-machi JA bear tomato production sectional meeting Tomato 0966-38-1101 JA bear So Hikichi 
20-002 Sagara-mura Atsushi Ikuta Rice 0966-35-0034 Atsushi Ikuta 
20-003 Nishiki-machi Kuma area agricultural cooperative tea sectional meeting Tea 0966-28-3060 JA bear Shinji Nagata

  The number of certification: 27 cases, the number of the certification management bodies: 703 management bodies



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