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2019 girl handball world championships catch phrases were decided!

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Catch phrase


2019 girl handball world championships catch phrases were decided!

 As it was decided as a result of examination as follows, we will tell about title catch phrase which we raised from July 1, this year to August 20.

1. The number of application

 3,394 cases

2. The best work (adoption work which we decided)

 Ball of one Hand in Hand links the world

 (English translation: Hand in Hand One Ball Unites the World)

3. The highest award prize winner 

kumahonshizaijukyokuchimi* (we look after Hashiguchi) he (woman, 26 years old, veterinarian)


4. Meaning that was put in catch phrase

 Among players of the world and people to support, ring of people across the border prayed for what was made to be connected when one ball which by putting phrases, "one ball bound the world together" together, loaded "Hand in Hand" with meaning to "cooperate" with "hand and hand" with thought to victory was from hand to hand, and to spread.

5. Person of examination

2019 girl handball world championships catch phrase choice committee members


6. Comment of the choice chairperson (Kumamoto area project adviser Kundo Koyama)

Sound of phrase which expressed meaning, "we cooperated with hand with hand through meeting, and one handball bound the world together" of this work felt that we deserved to be catch phrase of meeting most fantastically.


7. Last examination result, prize money and supplementary prize

Examination result

Catch phrase


The highest award


Hand in Hand

One ball links the world

Hashiguchi non-Itaru living in Kumamoto-shi

Award for excellence

Thought Hand which is connected to Hand

Man living in Tokyo

Award for excellence

From hand to hand to to heart and the world!

Man living in Osaka


※Highest award ... prize money 100,000 yen, supplementary prize: The world championship goods

  Award for excellence ..., supplementary prize: The world championship goods


8. Commendation ceremony

 Commendation ceremony to the highest award prize winner

 We are going to carry out by handball league Kumamoto, Japan Games (Yamaga-shi general gymnasium) on Saturday, February 17, 2018.


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