Kumamoto original paddy-rice new article class "brightness of bear" made its debut in earnest!

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Kumamoto original paddy-rice new article class "brightness of bear" makes its debut in earnest

  We finally invited real debut, and paddy-rice new article class "brightness of bear" which the prefecture raised did. 

It is shiny to be cooked with excellent seasoning rice which Kumamoto Agricultural Research Center spends time of 15 years on "brightness of bear" and brought up, and it is feature that tenacity is strong, and is delicious.

In the prefecture, we place this "brightness of bear" as kind to lead regional rice and are united with the people concerned such as agriculture group and collection of cargo supplier, wholesale and work on production and consumption expansion promotion. We set "brightness of bear" "promotion guidelines" about policy to manufacture and sell and send thing of reliable quality to consumers in red unification jujube-shaped bag.

In addition, agriculture group plays a key role to plan improvement in recognition of "brightness of bear" and develops various PR activities including CM broadcast that comedian Hiroshi from event holding and Kumamoto appears.


What kind of rice is "brightness of bear?" 


※Based on "cooperation agreement about restoration, revival of agriculture from 2016 Kumamoto earthquake" that we concluded in the prefecture and JA Kumamoto center society, JA Kumamoto economy ream, Central Cooperative Bank for Agriculture and Forestry on December 27, 2016, we utilize "agriculture income increase, regional activation support program" that is support project of Central Cooperative Bank for Agriculture and Forestry, and a part of the activity carries out.


We hold full-scale debut event

 Event that memorialized Kumamoto hosted "brightness of bear" of sold U.S. made promotion office (the JA Kumamoto center society) real debut was held in center street ribipuresu open space on Saturday, December 8. At event, 1-3 rank and mini-stage by Hiroshi of commendation of producer where it was and CM character, offer of a mouthful rice ball were performed in "rice improvement contest of Kumamoto" that competed for taste of "brightness of bear".

To this event holding, sale at each store started, too. In addition to 5 kg of conventional bags, 2 kg of bags come up newly from this year, too and become affordable. Please appreciate "brightness of bear" by all means!

Taking a ceremonial photograph that ceremony participant stops byWe give sampling by rice lady"Brightness of bear" sale corner
Taking a ceremonial photograph by event participantRice lady offers sampling"Brightness of bear" sale corner


 CM, delivery start of video!

 CM broadcast and streaming that comedian Hiroshi from prefecture appeared started on December 8.
 About video and rice of Kumamoto, please see homepage With new window(external link) of Headquarters for Promotion of Kumamoto making of sold rice.

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