Becoming completes high shelf of JR Kagoshima Main Line and Hohi Line on March 17, 2018

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Change to viaduct of JR Kagoshima Main Line and Hohi Line is completed

From 2001, high shelf of JR Kagoshima Main Line (about 6 kilometers) and Hohi Line (about 1 kilometer) stimulated business in around Kumamoto Station, but will tell as it became expected that we can complete change to viaduct of all sections.
Kumamoto Station down line home starts a business at the same time, too.

Scheduled elevated change date

  • Saturday, March 17, 2018

Section which is going to be replaced by high shelf this time

  • About 2 kilometers of JR Kagoshima Main Line down line Kumamoto Station parts
  • About 1 kilometer of JR Hohi Line

  Change of the whole line is completed in conjunction with section which we changed in this prior to March, 2015.

  Information at the time of switching of the last time (March, 2015) is this.We open with the other window


Railroad crossing which is removed by this elevated change

  • Ancient morality (fall rise) railroad crossing
  • hyakukan (hyakkan) railroad crossing
  • Tasaki (tasaki) temporary railroad crossing

  People become able to pass car by security smoothly, too.


Change position figure

 Change position figure



Crossing outline (image) figure of the neighborhood of Kumamoto Station

Crossing outline (figure of image) of the neighborhood of Kumamoto Station



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