[Kumamoto art police architecture exhibition 2017 | holding summary] Exhibition "exhibition of house of all Kumamoto art polices"

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Kumamoto art police architecture exhibition 2017 | Held summary "exhibition of house of all Kumamoto art polices"

 We held "exhibition of house of all Kumamoto art polices" which displayed photograph which residents of temporary housing and high school student in the prefecture photographed (session: from Friday, November 17, 2017 in the next year on January 8 on (Monday on Sundays and holidays)) in Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto to send the current situation of stricken area to home and abroad.

 At this exhibition, 14 people such as residents from 8 years old to live in temporary housing to 73 years old in total displayed interview pictures which showpiece and the victim whom visitors could participate in other than photograph which photographed "everyday life" talked about the current situation of stricken area to.

 In addition, as for the number of the visitors, it was exhibition which was a chance which about 5,000 people and many people were brought back to by "irreplaceable everyday life".


          Figure 1


○Sponsorship Kumamoto, Kumamoto art police architecture exhibition 2017 executive committee

○Cosponsorship Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto [Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto-shi art culture revival foundation]
○Plan kuraindaisamuakitekutsu
○Cooperation NPO corporation HOME-FOR-ALL

In holding

 We realized this exhibition by plan of kuraindaisamuakitekutsu which was designer of "house (Fukushima) of all of Soma child" and art police project "Kumamoto south police station Kumamoto Station police box".
 It was not houses or debris which collapsed which were apt to be usually taken away in the media and spotlighted "everyday life" that hatsuwazawaigo did not take place of, and this exhibition was planned that the victim took a picture, sent the current situation of stricken area.
 We hand single-lens reflex camera to residents, and photographer, Nakamura child of Tokyo guides photograph in camera lecture. It was photographed from August through October.
 Figure 2 
 Architect asutoriddo Kleine (the left), mark die cold (the right)/kuraindaisamuakitekutsu (photo/BrianScottPeterson)

Camera lecture

 We held camera lecture targeting at resident of temporary housing which experienced earthquake disaster and high school students in the prefecture. Camera lecture that we started in last summer over three times began with way of holding single-lens reflex camera.
 As most of were camera beginners, first "which button ba if push excellent kato" We came out well, or uneasy was a lot saying "we do not know what ba we should take", but important "everyday life" of each which did not come out in photographers professional all was put in more than 10,000 photographs which had you photograph for exhibition. 
○The first camera lecture 
  Date Sunday, August 20, 2017
  Venue Mashiki-machi techno temporary construction housing complex (house meeting place B2 of all of Mashiki-machi techno)
 ○The second camera lecture
  Date Saturday, October 7, 2017
  Venue Mashiki-machi techno temporary construction housing complex (meeting place F)
 ○The third camera lecture
  Date Sunday, October 15, 2017
  Venue Kumamoto prefectural government office
          Figure 3
          State of the first camera lecture
          Figure 3-2
          State of the second camera lecture
          Figure 3-3
          State of the third camera lecture


(1) "House of all" is motif
   ○Of more than 10,000 photographs which there were wall and ceiling of this exhibit placed five big things and small things in venue with cloth which printed photograph, and participant of camera lecture photographed
    We used inner about 650 pieces.
    Wood and tatami mat use regional thing, and can enter inside; make. 
         Figure 4-4
         Figure 4-1

         Figure 4-2

         Figure 4-3

(2) Work panel
   ○We displayed work of 14 camera lecture participants on wall.
    Scenery working on a farm in a resident who sorted vegetables at the door of temporary housing and field with dislocation was displayed. 
          Figure 4-2
(3) Interview picture
    ○We broadcasted interview picture to participant of camera lecture to say that we began to take the current situation and experiences, photograph of stricken area and felt.
     At first, feeling Incident that was able to be positive toward people whom which "we felt uncomfortable taking photograph" said to, "we were not able to afford to look out" triggered by camera  
     We had you talk about ka.
          Figure 6 interview
    ▼[interview video link]
(4) "House of all" which we made with participation type showpiece - corrugated cardboard ...
    ○As for this exhibit, meeting place of Mashiki-machi techno temporary construction housing complex was produced in model by cooperation of Tomoyuki Tanaka laboratory of Kumamoto University.
     Put photograph applied for in photograph which visitors brought and email Instagram, and grow, and photographs more than 400 during display period are shu
     marimashita. This exhibit became able to be contained inside, too and was able to enjoy in many children.
         Figure 7-1
         Slide 2
         Figure 7-3
(5) We introduce Kumamoto art police
    ○We displayed model which we used in introduction of recent art police project and proposal (Kosa-machi) of disaster public housing.
     <display contents>
     ・Large intestine anus disease center Takano Hospital
     ・House of all Aso-Uchinomaki Onsen
     ・Kumamoto synthesis disaster prevention aviation center
     ・About house of all
     ・About approach of disaster public housing (model)
         Figure 4-5



 It was the last, but thanks NPO corporation "HOME-FOR-ALL" state, who had you cooperate with kuraindaisamuakitekutsu, administration that had you run the cosponsorship and Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto [Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto-shi art culture revival foundation] state, plan that had you provide venue, everyone, who had you participate in camera lecture on this occasion.

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