[from 26 to 27 on October] We hold "festival made with the sea which is full of 2013 Kumamoto" (meeting - Kumamoto ... connection event made with the sea which is full of the 33rd nationwide)!

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On October 26, Sakana-kun comes over, too!

 We hold "the making of sea Festa where 2013 Kumamoto is rich" in as "meeting - Kumamoto ... made with the sea which is full of the 33rd nationwide"-related event in Kumamoto-shi center city area Sakuracho, the Hanabatacho whole area on both days of Sunday on Saturday, October 26, 27th.
 It is two days of various contents such as introduction of approach to protect Ariake Sea, Yatsushiro Sea, charm of fishery run in three seas of Kumamoto called Nada, Amakusa and reproduction, marine resources and environment of the sea of Minamata and Sakana-kun talk show, Ushibuka Haiya, sale of fishery products. We carry out quiz rally that wonderful present is. Please arrive with your friends. In addition, on visit, I would like the use of public transport.
Festival flyer made with the sea which is full of 2013 Kumamoto
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