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Making of sea meet - Kumamoto - memory relay discharge sixth which is full of the 33rd nationwide!

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Primary schoolchild receives clam from KUMAMON in Oshima, Kumamoto-shi-cho and discharges into tideland

 In cooperation with the shore municipalities, fishermen's cooperative association in the prefecture, we held memory relay discharge on September 19 to publicize "the 33rd making of sea meeting - Kumamoto ... to hold in Kumamoto-shi, Minamata-shi, Amakusa-shi on Sunday on 27th rich nationwide" on Saturday, October 26, this year, and to plan breeding in the time for meeting.
 Primary schoolchild received clam from "KUMAMON" which wore meeting PR costume in Oshima, Kumamoto-shi-cho and released 29 kg to sanctuary of short-necked clam clam of tideland.
While children called out "large kikunattene ..." saying "we do not lay egg a lot", he/she discharged.
 We carried out commemorative relay discharge in total in ten prefecture.

Summary of Oshima, Kumamoto-shi-cho venue

Sponsorship Meeting Kumamoto executive committee, Kumamoto-shi made with the sea which is full of the 33rd nationwide
Date Thursday, September 19, 2013 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Election for Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Association of Kojima shellfish ground, tideland fishing ground (Oshima, Kumamoto-shi-cho)

Eligible people Kumamoto City Yamamoto Elementary School four years, child 29 of six years
Discharge fish class 29 kg of clams
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1) The opening of a meeting
2) Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Association of Kojima Yoshimoto ealdorman greetings, explanation of approach to resource management, fishing ground maintenance

3) Meeting PR explanation (the secretariat, KUMAMON)

4) It is distributed clam from KUMAMON to children

5) Taking a ceremonial photograph

6) We discharge clam in sanctuary of short-necked clam clam of tideland

7) It is observation of living thing and saihotaigen in tideland

8) Meeting PR goods distribution 

Ealdorman greetings
Clam delivery by hand
It travels tideland
Discharge 1
Discharge 2
Living thing search
Greetings of thanks
Souvenir distribution
Group photo
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