[urgently!] It is attention ... for consumers trouble warning No. 73 - multilevel distributionship

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 [urgently!] Consumers trouble warning No. 73 

We are careful about multilevel distributionship


[consultation example]

・We become member and paid millions of yen in introduction of acquaintance, but income is not paid. We canceled and wanted to demand refund, but did not get through with company.

・Daughter who participated poured large sum of money into seminar and invites friend and acquaintance including family catch-as-catch-can and affects human relations.

 We want to stop, but do not have ear to hear.

・About multilevel distributionship of health food, we received inappropriate invitation that promised to make a profit that disease was cured by all means.



★Multilevel distributionship (pyramid selling): We are defined in "Specified Commercial Transactions Law", and various regulation including invitation method is established. There are many contracts by to sell products with burden, and to offer service, get value.



・As for it being assailant by not only debt being left if suitable result is not made, and it being victim, but also oneself doing invitation and sale, and inviting expansion of victim.

・There are a lot of cases that we let relative and friend, acquaintance encounter damage, and human relations fail.

・Far from detailed explanation being accomplished at the time of invitation, rather it is said, "we make a profit by all means easily" and often joins without understanding risk.


[advice to consumers]

・There is not story to easily gain on these times, comfort absolutely! !Have confirmation (understanding) of contents well.

・Even if it is invitation from relative, acquaintance, classmate, senior or co-worker of company, we decline flatly if we think to be (doubtful) which is not necessary.

・We do not judge only from oneself. (we talk with consumer service center or the police.)


■Kumamoto consumer service center consultation telephone 096-383-0999 

(consultation time: from 10:00 a.m. on Sunday second from 9:00 a.m. on weekdays at 5:00 p.m. at 3:00 p.m.) 



★Multilevel distributionship (endlessly chain reaction scheme): It is prohibited by "the endlessly chain reaction scheme prevention method" and is illegal. We let you let you offer profit talk and provide money and join organization, and the remainder is distributed into person of high rank to oneself. If we join and perform invitation and sale, oneself becomes criminal, too.




















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