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KUMAMON has an examination with the third grade, too! "Official approval that was the fourth Japan slope" (meeting - Kumamoto - support event made with the sea which is full of the 33rd nationwide) was held

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Destination of the results of KUMAMON?

 We had you deepen interest and knowledge to fish, and, for the purpose of connecting with attractive rediscovery of fish food culture in Japan, "Japan fish official approval" (Kumamoto venue) to invite the fourth to in this year was held at the Kumamoto prefectural office on Sunday, June 23.
 A total of 167 people in 1-3 grade are undergoing an examination in Kumamoto venue which became held for the first time in commemoration of meeting made with the rich seas of the whole country being held in Kumamoto on October 26 and 27 of this year.
 KUMAMON challenged the third grade in order to publicize "meeting - Kumamoto ... made with the sea which was full of the 33rd nationwide" among people of undergoing an examination!
 KUMAMON which regretted in interval of dispatch of day after day, and read reference book in cars, and repeated study. We were determined with "mon for perfect score" before undergoing an examination start, but, as a result, yes, is it crab? Passing announcement is plan of the end of July.
 All of you had an examination thank you.

Undergoing an examination vote of KUMAMON KUMAMON which waits for examination start calmly

Where is state KUMAMON of venue? Back figure who does the best of state KUMAMON of venue

Earnest expression (?) It is KUMAMON of this The results of KUMAMON to cuttlefish?

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