We introduce "prize for 2017 Kumamoto sceneries" prize winner.

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About "prize for Kumamoto scenery"

  Scenery is said to be environment to see.
  Green is full, and beautiful cityscape scenery and rural district scenery letting you feel local culture and tradition invite sympathy of people visiting and raise attachment to our town, hometown of people who live there more and more.
  "Prize for Kumamoto scenery" is intended that we honor achievement of people who greatly contribute to the good scenery formation widely to become beautiful prefectural soil filled with moisture if our native district = Kumamoto is green.

2017 prize winner

 (1) Prize for Kumamoto scenery
   NHK broadcast hall
    NHK Kumamoto Broadcasting Hall                           
           Location 5-1, Hanabatacho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi                  
     As for the chief mourners, it is the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation Kumamoto broadcasting station        
  (2) Section prize
   ・Prize for local scenery
        Authority of bottom NS building (COCOSA)

          Authority of bottom NS() building (COCOSA()) (doing goes N S building (kokosa))

     Location 1-3-8, Shimodori, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi

     The chief mourners develop company So Sakurai Head Office, south Sakae
    ・Prize for scenery of green and water
     Tanada of Aso dashing water on   Tsukiji Ide neighborhood 
    Tanada (asomizukakenotanada) of Aso dashing water on                                    Tsukiji Ide neighborhood (in just grandfather neighborhood)
     The location 1021, Yamada, Aso-shi others                                                 The neighborhood of location Wataru, Kikuchi-shi
     As for the chief mourners, it is water of Higo and green protection fund                            hodokoshishuto*ku, Tsukijiku
   (3) Prize for encouragement 
   100,000 mountains Park   Field mustard cafe
    100,000 mountains Park (jumanyamakouen)              Field mustard cafe
     Location 1414-1, Hondomachihondo, Amakusa-shi               Location 2005, Komori, Nishihara-mura, Aso-gun
     Amakusa-shi such as the chief mourners                          As for the chief mourners, it is Noroshi Nishihara
        Play kaki*yoju; the main office
      Play kaki*yoju; the main office
     Location 231, Shimomachi, Ozu-machi, Kikuchi-gun
     Play hodokoshishutoyugenkaishakaki*yoju; the main office
               Prize for 2017 Kumamoto scenery position figure 
[examination committee member]
   The field of history of examination chairperson Ryuichi Ito national university corporation Kumamoto University Graduate School tip science Research Department environmental science section architecture, city planning professor 
     Examination committee member Ota Rika graphic designer
          Associate Professor at Yuji Hoshino national university corporation Kumamoto University Kumamoto water cycle, genwazawaikenkyukyoiku center
            Sachi Maruyama ()     kabushikikaishadaikikankyokeikakujimushodaihyotoriteiyaku

                     Hisako Yoshimura climate & food design YOSHIMURA representative director, planner
                                            (the order of the kana syllabary, honorific title abbreviation)

Prize for 2017 Kumamoto scenery anthology


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