[we decided elected candidate] KUMAMON pin badge dressed in happi coat is presented by 100 people! Plan special meeting - Kumamoto - 100 days ago made with the sea which is full of the 33rd nationwide

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 During campaign period, we had 2,646 application from each places of the whole country. We held fair lot targeting at all the problems correct answer people and decided 100 elected candidates (we exchange with elected candidate announcement with shipment of prize). Thank you for your large number of application.

Let's get "meeting - Kumamoto ... made with the sea which is full of the 33rd nationwide" original KUMAMON pin badge in answer to quiz!

 "Meeting - Kumamoto - to hold in Kumamoto on Sunday on Saturday, October 26, this year, 27th made with the sea which is full of the 33rd nationwide."
 In Kumamoto executive committee, we carry out original pin badge present campaign of "KUMAMON" acting as meeting PR character from July 18 becoming 100 days before meeting.
 Wonderful all the problems present pin badge to 100 people from answered correctly for three quizzes about "meeting - Kumamoto ... made with the sea which is full of the 33rd nationwide" by lot!
 For more details, please confirm the following application essential point.
Meeting - Kumamoto - original pin badge made with the sea which is full of the 33rd nationwide

Application period

 From Thursday, July 18, 2013 to Sunday, August 18

Application method

 It is limited to application from exclusive form of the Kumamoto electron application window "yorozu application main office" (we do not accept application by postcard, FAX, email).
 You have you access exclusive application form from the following and, in the name, zip code, address, the generation, input sex, and please answer all three displayed quizzes (3 *shiki). In addition, it is said that the application number of times is only for once per person, and all the multiple application should be invalidity.

Announcement of elected candidate

 We exchange with announcement of elected candidate with shipment of prize.
 We draw lots in the end of August and send out to person elected from the beginning of September sequentially.

About the handling of personal information

 Personal information that had you input at the time of application uses for effect analysis of prize shipment to elected candidate and this campaign and may not use for other purposes without permission.

Information in conjunction with this information

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