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Various places of the governor and receiving a prize group

 On Tuesday, February 13, we held commendation ceremony of "community improvement dream challenge award".

 This performs superior result to become other local models in "community improvement dream challenge promotion business" for the purpose of by evaluating provided approach, promoting approach of community improvement in each place still more from 2012.

 From approach adopted in 2015 and 2016, it commended group, 8 groups in total this year in 4 in each year.

 "Both approaches become other models, it is fantastic, and, after the testimonial conferment, Governor Kabashima is glad at all in new vitality being born in each area thanks to. For local spirit construction, we spoke congratulatory address in future saying please play an active part in each viewpoint still more.


[receiving a prize group]

Various places of the governor and receiving a prize group

○Approach of 2015

 ・Executive committee ideal day for Mifune happiness "Mifune culture bodily sensation! shirakabe weather business"

 ・Association of Kumamoto pension Minamiaso Branch "platinum generation tourist invitation business"

 ・Be-BLOOM "school of closedown utilization challenge everybody who can stay"

 ・Shirou Amakusa Tourism Association "island Kamiamakusa we polish up business of cyclist"

○Approach of 2016

 ・Uki-shi "triangle west port PV drone shooting meet"

 ・"Business that wants to enliven meal and sightseeing of Yamaga-shi made" with "village, Yamaga that the best chestnut in Japan is delicious"

 ・Get mountain; chestnut Festival executive committee "mountain obtain branding of chestnut by exchange promotion"

 ・Amakusa-shi art lyceum "third amakusa child art festival"

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