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We explain procedure when minor person (as of application day people under 20) applies.
In addition, married person considers even under 20 years old to be the adulthood (adult imitation. ) which continues even if we get a divorce.

About agreement of legal representative (person in parental authority)

When minor applies for passport, signature of legal representative (person in parental authority) is necessary for a certain "legal representative signature" column on the back of the general passport issuance application.

Please submit "passport application written consent" with signature of legal representative and "the original of envelope which you used for sending of written consent" if legal representative lives in distant places and cannot sign on the back of the general passport issuance application directly. There is paper of passport application written consent in each passport window.


Legal representative is person stipulated that we have the power of attorney by law.
We list example of legal representative below.

Person in parental authority (father or mother)  Minor in joint custody of parents
Person in parental authority (father)  Minor that parental authority is established by father.
 In this case mother is not legal representative.
Person in parental authority (mother)  Minor that parental authority is established by mother.
 In this case father is not legal representative.
Adopted parent  When the person adopts in minors.
 Father, mother is not legal representative.
Guardian of minor  When the person is minor, and there is not person who should become person in parental authority.
Guardian of adult  When the person receives adult order for commencement of guardianship.
There are documents having you bring about case that other people fill out by circumstances when person (adopted parents) except person in parental authority fills out legal representative column or.
Consultation, please refer to each passport window beforehand.

About other instructions

・As for people under 20, validity becomes application of passport of five years.

・If legal representative (person in parental authority) does substitute application, there is on the back of the application; entry to column of "submission commission offer book is unnecessary for application documents".

・When minor applies for passport (passport), identity verification documents is necessary.
(example) driver's license, student identification card (student handbook with photograph or certificate of student registration) with health insurance card + photograph, health insurance card + maternity record book, health insurance card + sunflower card (only in Kumamoto-shi)


Calculation method of age

Age is fixed by "law about age calculation" (1902 law No. 50).
As age is added 1 year old to on the day before of birthday, please be careful.

 (example 1) April 1 is of birthday

    March 30 (11 years old)
    March 31 (12 years old)
    April 1 (12 years old)

 (example 2) October 2 is of birthday

     September 30 (19 years old)
    October 1 (20 years old)
    October 2 (20 years old)


About application procedure for passport (passport)

About documents necessary for application, please see the following page.

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