The first passport application

The last update date:
  • It is in the municipalities where application of passport (passport) and grant window are applied for, and are made resident registration.

For details, ask passport window of each municipality.

In addition, as for the person made resident registration in Kumamoto-shi, application is possible at passport window of all ward offices (Chuo-ku, Higashi-ku, Nishi-ku, Minami-ku, Kita-ku).

Necessary documents 


1 public passport issuance application (one piece)

There is general passport issuance application in passport window of each municipality.

As general passport issuance application has business and two kinds for five years for ten years, please choose either.

Minor (under 20 years old) person becomes application "only of five years passport".

As fee is different in type of each application, age (under 12 years old) at the time of application, please confirm beforehand.

As for the application, classification is done:

・The upper part of application for ten years is thing of cinnabar red
・The upper part of application for five years becomes thing of light gray.

As application reads by machine, you bend, and you pollute, and please do not do.


2 extracts from a person's family register or copy of a person's family register (one)

  • It is thing within six months from day of issue of an edition
  • We can issue extract from a person's family register, copy of a person's family register only at the municipalities window of permanent address. Therefore, order, please beforehand from the municipalities concerned when "resident registration place is different from permanent domicile".
  • Extract from a person's family register is family register individual matter proof, and copy of a person's family register is the same as all the census registration matter proof.
  • When the same family register is applied for at the same time, we can assume one copy of a person's family register. When person in the same family register is applied even for separately, by one is necessary individually.


Photograph (one piece) for 3 passports

  • On the back of the photograph, please fill in full name. In addition, by this case, pressure of the pen, please do not appear in photograph side of table. In addition, please be careful not to get photograph wet with water.
  • Just take photograph without putting on application.
Photograph sample
          Standard of photograph
・ We can facilitate identification of person
・ No edge
・ Size: 45mm in height X 35mm in width
・ Size of face: From top of the head chin 34mm (error less than 2mm)
・ Only applicant was photographed
・ It was photographed within six months
・ It is possible with both color, black and white
・ No hat
・ No background
・ We turned to the front
                                          ・ We can see neck rotation 


 <photograph which we cannot take>

  • Indistinct thing
  • Thing changing color, it is damaged
  • There is shadow
  • We cannot confirm eye (iris of the eye) clearly (by thing which lens of glasses reflects back, thing of lens of dark color, thing suffering from eyes hair, color contact wearing equal)
  • Big thing (accessories: hat, hair ornament, chou chou, headband, earrings, pierced earrings, necklace) which organ of face is covered with wide headband and accessories, mask of width
  • Hair, the high neck sweater, scarf, collar are hard to identify face and neck with big clothes.
  • Person and clothing are colored background and equivalence; of distinction there is hard to be.
  • Expression is remarkably different from normal (and we cry sho ttarinado)

 ※You appoint saying "it is for passport", and, in the specialized photograph shop, please take.

    When photograph does not fit standard, we may ask for retake.
 ※For more information about photograph, please refer to "news about submission photograph for passport".

PDF News With new window(PDF: 1.45 megabytes) about submission photograph for passport

Documents for 4 identity verification

    • We limit identity verification documents to thing that sex, furigana, address, permanent domicile accord with mention contents of application on full name, the date of birth.

One presentation is enough

・Japan passport (effective thing or thing within six months after lapse)
・Driver's license
・Seaman's pocket ledger
・Certificate of competency in seamanship
・Identification of registered real estate transaction manager
・Electric construction person certificate
・Wireless worker driver's license
・Resident registry card with photograph

・My number card (as for the notice card, impossible)
・Person with a physical disability notebook (thing that we get shashin**, and prevention is accomplished) with photograph
・By the staff certificate of government offices (including cooperative association of incorporated administrative agency, government-affiliated corporation, government offices) of photograph is put
・Driving career certificate (thing issued after April 1, 2012)                                                                    nado


Thing which two are necessary for

※From A from two or A and B by one. We cannot take two documents of B.



・Health insurance card
・National health insurance card
・Sailor health insurance card
・Mutual aid union card
・Identification of elderly aged 75 or over medical care person insured
・National pension notebook (paper)
・Welfare annuity notebook (paper)
・Mutual pension paper, pension certificate
・Seal registration certificate and registered seal (seal registration card is impossible)
・Identification of care insurance person insured


・Identification card (student identification card, employee certificate) of photograph pasting
・Qualification of published by public institution of photograph pasting
(full name, the date of birth is listed in thing of photograph pasting, and thing that tally seal or laminating processing was further made by photograph is best)
・Certificate of student registration (thing which full name, the date of birth was listed in)
・Identification of passport (thing which passed after the lapse in six months), infants medical care qualified recipient who lapsed
・Maternity record book (only at the time of application of child before attendance at school)
・Driving career certificate (thing issued before March 31, 2012)



 ※When agent applies, identity verification documents (one) is necessary for substitute person. Take for applicant and documents for both identity verification for agent.

 ※Case that documents are not prepared when have any questions, please refer to passport window.


5 resident's cards (as you may be unnecessary one ※, please read the following)

  • Thing within six months is effective from day of issue of an edition.

※When we are applied in the municipalities, person with resident registration is principle-free in the municipalities.

※When we are applied in families at the same time, we can assume one resident's card of all the households when resident's card is the same. But one resident's card is necessary individually when we are applied separately. 


6 and others

We may apply to the following case exceptionally in Kumamoto without address in Kumamoto.
・Student, student
・Long-term business traveler, business bachelor
・Temporary returnee from foreign country
For more details, please see whereabouts application.

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