Environmental education material (picture book) ... for approach ... preschool children of food loss reduction

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We have become B man! Of ... after eating without going, and singing, and being sad; ...


About production of environmental education material for preschool children


Process of production

 About 27.75 million tons a year of food waste occurs and are estimated when 6.21 million tons of food which is discarded though it is eaten soon occurs.

 When 2.82 million tons is exhausted from 3.39 million tons, home by company activity, these 6.21 million tons of food L.A. is estimated, and, as problem that these weight loss is international, it is one of the goals of sustainable development aim (SDG's). (per goal 12.3 reduction by half of food waste)

 Therefore we considered about method to plan consciousness enlightenment for home while suggesting reduction of loss of food by utilizing food bank, and finishing eating Kyushu again for restaurant, retail store, and registering Kumamoto with cooperation shop at production stage, and the animals and plants characteristics leaving reduction of food loss for user by calling, and gradually pushing forward approach about weight loss of food waste which was (industrial waste) and business system wastes.

 Preschool child told matter that we learned with "picture-story show" and "picture book" in the nursery schools to parent at home while it looked like it and paid our attention to often promoting action and produced "picture book" as enlightenment material which ripple effect to home could expect.



Picture book "have become green pepper! Of ... after eating without going, and singing, and being sad; about no offer

 As we open picture book which we produced to the public as follows, in each nursery school, each kindergarten, it would appreciate your inflecting.

 In addition, not only nursery school, kindergarten in Kumamoto, we can have you use.

 For food loss reduction, please inflect at homes.


 Specifications of picture book: Vertical 23 centimeters of 25 centimeters of X side, average quality, four-colored color, no inside of a cover




  • Picture book cover



    How to make picture books (to nursery staff)

     We can have this picture book data print out and handcraft.

     You print out displayed screen after having downloaded the picture book data mentioned above and cut in cutoff line, and please paste in overlap width part.

     In addition, there are two kinds of method that "sticks on thicker paper after having printed on copying paper, and makes picture book" and method "doing to picture book in what we directly print on thicker paper and patch".


     Setting when we print out is as follows.

    ◆"A3 version"

      Please print binding to want to minimize trouble here even if a little small.


      Paper size A3

      Paper direction side size

             Please let check enter in "choice with paper to page size of PDF".

      We are reduced by 88% of results, but we are printed on A3 in two pages of spreads.

             Size becomes *20 centimeter of about 22 centimeters.

      We cut binding work (1) two pages spread and cover, back cover.

             (2) We stick two pages of spreads on thick paper. (when we can print on thicker paper, we can omit.)

             (3) (1)We repeat work of ,(2).

             (4) Finally we stick cover, back cover.

             (5) We reinforce with staple and binding tape as needed and are completion.


    ◆"B4 version"
      Please print one to be big here to use for story-telling for a great many people.

      Paper size B4

      Paper direction length size

             Please exclude check of "we choose paper to page size of PDF".

      We are output at the result actual size (100%). By page 1 is printed out by B4.

             Size becomes *23 centimeter of 25 centimeters.

      We cut by binding work (1) one page and laminate and make two pages of spreads.

               Strength increases by securing each overlap width.

             (2) We stick on thicker paper. (when we can print on thicker paper, we can omit.)

             (3) We make two pages of next spreads and laminate to two pages of spreads which we made in (2).

             (4) (2)We repeat work of ,(3).

             (5) Finally we stick cover, back cover.

             (6) We reinforce with staple, binding tape as needed and are completion.

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